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March 15, 2010


Registration is now open for spring courses offered by the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at The University of Montana (MOLLI).

Members of the community ages 50 and older can explore topics ranging from literature, history and music to psychology, philosophy and current events through the courses, taught by dynamic UM and community instructors. Spring courses will take place during April and May.

An annual MOLLI membership fee of $20 is required to enroll, and membership extends through summer 2011 for those who sign up now. Individual course registration costs $60 plus fees, when applicable. MOLLI is offering a variety of discounts this spring, including a special offer of two courses for $100 ― a 33 percent savings. MOLLI also will offer new members ― and current members who recruit friends ― a $10 discount on spring courses.

Courses offered this spring are:


  • Lela Autio: “What You Should Know About Montana Artists” 
  • Fred McGlynn: “What is Existentialism?” 
  • Donald Simmons: “What to Listen for in Music”
  • Valerie Hedquist: “From Ridicule to Respect: The Triumph of Realism and Impressionism” 
  • Jeff Gritzner: “Afghanistan: Land of the Free”
  • Laulette Hansen: “The Rouge, the Lion and the Magic Box: 19th Century Russian Lit” 
  • Gary Hawk: “Not Just for the Young: Selected Texts from the Honors Curriculum” 
  • Charles Casey: “Shakespeare’s King Lear” 
  • George Seielstad: “Life in the Universe” 
  • Dennis O’Donnell: “Once Bitten Twice Cautious” 


  • Garry Kerr: “The Return of Food and Culture” 
  • Gary Bevington: “Where Do Words Come From? An Introduction to Etymology” 
  • Ron Wakimoto: “Fire in the Forest: Myths and Realities” 
  • Jan Wollersheim: “Psychology: Myths and Realities” 
  • Mehrdad Kia: “Iran Between Two Revolutions” 
  • Lee Heuermann: “Women in Music” 
  • Margaret Johnson: “Laughter and Theatre, a Winning Combination”
  • Allan Mathews: “Walking through Missoula’s History” 
  • Ruth Vanita: “The Bhagavad Gita: Contemplating Life and Death in Hinduism” 
  • Michael McClintock: “Exploring the Richness of Science Fiction” 
  • David Cody: “The Operas of Puccini” 

Special Courses:

  • Hal Stearns: “Helena: Montana’s Very Special Queen City” (bus trip)
  • Ray Risho and Chuck Thompson: “Classic Mediterranean Cuisine: Chemistry in the Culinary Laboratory” (free for MOLLI members)
  • Jessie Gajewski and Glenn Govertsen: “Wonder Wheels” (free for MOLLI members)

Complete course descriptions, locations, times, instructor information and registration can be found on MOLLI’s Web site at

In addition to spring courses, registration is now open for MOLLI’s second annual summer camp, “MOLLI Summer Adventures in Science: Connecting the Circle,” Monday and Tuesday, July 12-13. Children ages 6 through 12 can join their grandparents to learn from one another in scientific exploration through classroom and field experiences at UM. Participants can choose to learn about one of a variety of topics, including insects, weather and backyard biology. Tuition is $100 per pair and includes a 2010-11 MOLLI membership. MOLLI will collaborate with spectrUM Discovery Area and use a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Office of Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research to host the camp.  

MOLLI offers gift cards to cover the $20 membership fee or $60 course fee. They are available at the institute’s office on the second floor of UM’s James E. Todd Building.

This spring, MOLLI will apply for a second $1 million endowment from the Bernard Osher Foundation. To be eligible for this endowment MOLLI must have 1,000 members. This endowment would allow MOLLI to retain the current level of funding it’s had the past three years through Bernard Osher Foundation startup grants.

For more information or to register for courses, call UM Continuing Education at 406-243-2905 or e-mail





Contact: Dannette Fadness, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, 406-243-2905,