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UM News
October 20, 2011


The University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research has earned three national Awards of Excellence in Publications for the Montana Business Quarterly, the Montana Kids Count Data Book and the Montana Manufacturers Survey.

The awards were presented by the Association for University Business and Economic Research, which recently held a conference in Indianapolis. AUBER is the professional association of business and economic research organizations at public and private universities and consists of 100 leading university-based economic research centers.

Published by BBER, the Montana Business Quarterly is distributed to nearly 2,500 subscribers and includes articles on Montana’s business and economic climate. The Montana Kids Count Data Book is an annual publication of the Montana Kids Count program and is designed for those interested in the status and well-being of Montana’s children and vulnerable families. The Montana Manufacturers Survey informs the public about the status of manufacturing in Montana and is used as an informational tool for businesses throughout the state.

“We’re proud of the quality and effectiveness of our publications,” said BBER Director Patrick Barkey. “It is especially satisfying to see our work recognized on a national stage.”

The Montana Business Quarterly staff includes Shannon Furniss, editor; Christina Henderson, marketing director; and Nate Hegyi, publications assistant. Gwen Landquist was responsible for cover design. The Kids Count Data book was produced by Thale Dillon, Kids Count director, Furniss and Hegyi. The Montana Manufacturers Survey was the responsibility of Charles E. Keegan III, Todd A. Morgan, John Baldride, Furniss and Hegyi.

BBER monitors economic and business conditions in Montana, providing information to individuals, businesses and government agencies across the state.



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