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UM News
March 13, 2012


The Montana Board of Regents recently approved a new interdisciplinary minor in global public health at The University of Montana.

Coursework in the minor will emphasize a global perspective on issues of public health policy and science and applications to international and domestic situations. Students will learn about public health challenges such as parasitic and vector-borne diseases, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, tuberculosis, climate change impacts, trauma and violence, avian influenza, obesity, and the role of indigenous healers. Courses will use insights from disciplinary approaches that include epidemiology, anthropology, biology, political science, community health planning, communication studies and ethics.

“The GPH minor nicely complements two other popular transdisciplinary international minors on the UM campus: international development studies and climate change studies,” said Peter Koehn, UM political science professor and director of the new Global Public Health program.

The global public health minor requires completion of 21 credits, including one required social science course and one required biology course.

For more information call Koehn at 406-243-5294 or email





Contact: Peter Koehn, UM Global Public Health program director, 406-243-5294,