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UM News
October 17, 2012


Professor Dennis Ojima will deliver a lecture titled “Emerging Challenges for Natural Resource Management under Changing Climate” as part of the Montana Institute on Ecosystems Distinguished Speaker Series on Tuesday, Oct. 23, at The University of Montana. The event will be held at 7 p.m. in Interdisciplinary Science Building Room 110.

Ojima is a professor at the Warner College of Natural Resources at Colorado State University and a senior scholar at the Heinz Center for Science, Economics and the Environment. He also is the university consortium coordinator for the recently established U.S. Geological Survey North Central Climate Science Center. His research focuses on global change effects on ecosystems, including climate and land-use changes, carbon-accounting methods for forest carbon sequestration and adaptation, and mitigation strategies to climate change.

Ojima is an Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellow and has received recognition for his international contributions to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. He received the 2005 Zayed International Prize for the Environment and the International Panel on Climate Change 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

The Institute on Ecosystems Distinguished Speaker Series provides opportunity for faculty and students to connect with the brightest, most interesting scholars in environmental disciplines.

Approved by the Montana Board of Regents in November 2011, the Institute on Ecosystems is a community of 200 scholars across the Montana University System with the goal of advancing integrated discovery, education and engagement in the environmental and ecosystem sciences. The institute, co-located at Montana State University and UM, is supported by a five-year grant from the National Science Foundation Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research.

For more information about the lecture call Program Manager Gay Allison at 406-243-2617 or email



Contact: Gay Allison, program manager, Montana Institute on Ecosystems at UM, 406-243-2617,