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November 26, 2012


Two University of Montana students recently were selected to intern with a Member of the Scottish Parliament.

Larissa Monckton, a UM senior from Rocheport, Mo., studying political science and communications, and Haley Rondeau, a senior from Black Diamond, Wash., majoring in political science and minoring in international development studies and anthropology, will begin their four-month internships in Scotland on Jan. 7.

“I’m excited to learn more about my Scottish heritage and to have this incredible opportunity to be involved with the government of Scotland,” Rondeau said.

Each student will be assigned to a different Parliament member. They will research topics of interest to the member such as economics, environment, drugs, crime, education, rural issues, affordable housing and trade with Europe and the European Union.

Previous interns have been involved in drafting motions and Parliamentary Questions to assist with research.

The internship was arranged through IE3 Global Internships, which provides opportunities for students to grow personally, professionally and cross-culturally.

“The ideal candidate for this internship has a passion for political science and very strong writing skills,” said Cynthia Engel, IE3 Global Internships director for Europe and Oceania. “Both UM students possessed those qualifications.”

This is the first time two UM students have interned with the Scottish Parliament at the same time, however one other UM student completed this internship during spring semester 2009.

“I love working with the students and faculty at The University of Montana because the students are so committed to the amazing experiences and the faculty and staff are incredibly supportive in making it possible for them,” Engel said. “When students take the initiative to make the most of these opportunities, the internships often become among the most remarkable aspects of their university programs.”

According to UM Internship Services Program Coordinator Kevin Hood, this experience will allow students to gain hands-on political experience and invaluable skills working within a country’s system of government. It also will help students gain tangible working experience before they graduate and join the workforce.

For more information about this internship, call Hood at 406-243-4613 or email



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Contact: Kevin Hood, program coordinator, UM Internship Services Administration, 406-243-4613,