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UM News
January 28, 2013


The University Center will host a Griz Lead Emerging Leaders Program workshop titled “Conflict and Team Dynamic” from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 21, in University Center Room 330. The event is the first free Griz Lead workshop of the semester.

The Griz Lead Emerging Leaders Program prepares students for leadership on campus and in the community by offering free workshops, leadership programs, resources and experiences. The program is designed to build confidence, increase self-awareness and help students develop and reach their vision, passion and goals.

The “Conflict and Team Dynamic” workshop will focus on the time when a group has passed the honeymoon phase and members begin to disagree. The workshop will provide information on how to get through a conflict in a healthy and productive way and will address how to maintain a consistent team dynamic while building rapport and open communication.

For more information call Maureen Ward, UM Fraternity and Sorority Involvement assistant director, at 406-243-2005 or email; or call Julie DeSoto, UC Student Involvement Network student coordinator, at 406-243-5622 or email More information on Griz Lead is available online at





Contact: Maureen Ward, assistant director, UM Fraternity and Sorority Involvement, 406-243-2005,; Julie DeSoto, student coordinator, UC Student Involvement Network, 406-243-5622,