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UM News
March 01, 2013


The 2013 spring semester headcount enrollment at The University of Montana is 14,201, which is a 3.4 percent decrease from spring a year ago.

While figures show 505 fewer students at UM than spring a year ago, the numbers gave University officials encouragement, as the rate of student retention was higher than what the University experienced from fall semester 2011 to fall 2012.

“Traditionally, universities see lower spring enrollments over what they had in the fall,” said Dawn Ressel, UM associate vice president for Planning, Budgeting and Analysis. “This suggests UM did a better job of keeping students from fall to spring this academic year than we did last academic year, which means greater percentages of our students are progressing toward graduation.”

For the past four years, UM has implemented a student success and retention program, with a focus on better preparation and better advising to help keep students in school.

“We know we have enrollment challenges, and we’ve worked steadily to address them,” said Peggy Kuhr, UM vice president for integrated communications. “We believe we are starting to move in the right direction, and we’re proud of our students’ commitment to complete their degrees. We continue to be proud that UM is the school choice for more students than any other institution in the state.”



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