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UM News
March 25, 2013


A University of Montana class, Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship, will grant a total of $10,000 to local nonprofits, with a minimum award of $2,000 and a maximum of $5,000 for each nonprofit selected.

The grants will benefit local nonprofits and enhance the Missoula community. The class focuses on giving the monetary donations to nonprofits that operate within Missoula County and address the needs of the elderly, or the needs of the homeless and hungry.

Local nonprofits that fit the criteria are welcome to apply by April 12. The forms can be found online at

The Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship class at UM teaches students about social responsibility and community building to address and resolve social issues. Students study the role of philanthropy and giving strategies to meet local needs. The class, which receives funding from the Learning by Giving program, engages students in a philanthropic experience, allowing them to review applications and disperse grants.

For more information call Andrea Vernon, director of UM’s Office for Civic Engagement, at 406-243-5159 or email





Contact: Andrea Vernon, director, UM Office for Civic Engagement, 406-243-5159,