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UM News
April 24, 2013


The University Center at The University of Montana recently added an environmentally friendly One Bike/One Speaker, Pedal Power PA System to their event production equipment.

The Pedal Power PA system was purchased with the help of UM’s Kless Revolving Energy Loan Fund, which helps fund campuswide energy savings and waste-reduction projects. UM students Hailey Jorgensen and Rose Dickson submitted the successful proposal.

In the spirit of sustainability, the PA system, which is manufactured by Rock the Bike, is powered by a wheel generator integrated with an energy-efficient sound system that creates 100 percent off-the-grid, sustainable power for audio reinforcement.

Designed for small to larger events, including outdoor events, the system works using brushless motors attached to the rear bicycle wheels, which generates variable direct current voltage to a central distribution system, otherwise known as the “utility box.” The utility box regulates the voltage and stores the electricity in a large capacitor bank; the stored energy is then used to power the PA system. The bike also is a fully functional cargo bike, allowing transportation to and from events to be accomplished entirely by human power. 

Projects funded by KRELF must demonstrate quantifiable savings and a return on investment. Future energy costs saving must be used to repay KRELF, thereby allowing the fund to be self-sustaining over time. Funds for the loan payback for the Pedal Power PA will be generated through rental-fee revenue.

The PA system was used for the first time at campus-conversation event where 100 participants discussed sustainability efforts. Beginning fall semester the PA system will be available to rent and can be arranged by calling UC Conference and Event Services at 406-243-4115.

For more information, about this project call Jorgensen at 425-233-4449 or Dickson at 406-214-9467.





Contact: Liz Roosa Millar, UC director, 406-243-5638,