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August 26, 2013
UM junior Sara Thane (Courtesy photo)
UM junior Sara Thane (Courtesy photo)

MISSOULA – There are few more iconic places to spend a summer than the White House. University of Montana student Sara Thane did just that through the White House Internship Program in Washington, D.C.

Thane, a 2011 graduate of Missoula’s Hellgate High School, is a junior at UM majoring in political science with minors in Arabic studies and international development studies. This summer, she she interned in the Students Department within the Office of Presidential Correspondence.

There, she read and helped respond to correspondence from students and classrooms on behalf of the president, assisted in coordinating volunteers within the department and answered phone calls from Americans on the White House Comment Line, recording their comments for the Office of Presidential Correspondence.

“So far, my favorite part of the internship has been reading and listening to the hopes, frustrations, stories, and views of Americans,” Thane said earlier this summer. “I have the opportunity to see, in an unfiltered way, how current policies are impacting citizens. Often these letters have challenged my own way of thinking about these issues.”

Internship Coordinator Cheryl Minnick worked with Thane through UM Internship Services to help her navigate the lengthy application and interview process for the prestigious internship.

“Sara is a delightful student dedicated to creating and improving federal and state policies that support families,” Minnick said. “The White House internship improved her professional communication skills, strengthened her resume, created a strong career network and gave us all a peek at her brilliant future. We are all extremely proud of Sara.”

Thane said her communication skills were incredibly important to her internship, and each day she worked to improve them.

“Being able to effectively communicate with staff members, other interns, volunteers and constituents has been essential,” she said.

UM Internship Services offers students of all majors academic and career planning, as well as help searching for internships, writing resumes and cover letters, completing online applications, editing supplementary materials, preparing for interviews and assistance finding and applying for scholarships. Through Internship Services, UM is the only university in the state with a nationally certified resume writer and international career counselor available on staff to help students.

For more information call Minnick at 406-243-4614 or email


Photo cutline: UM junior Sara Thane volunteers during the Fourth of July celebration at the White House in Washington, D.C. (Courtesy photo)


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Contact: Cheryl Minnick, career counselor and internship coordinator, UM Internship Services, 406-243-4614,