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September 11, 2013

MISSOULA – The University of Montana has scheduled public forums this month to gather additional community feedback on two potential sites for a new Missoula College building.

President Royce Engstrom will host two public forums to hear comments about the South Campus site and the East Broadway site. Both forums will serve as scoping sessions for the two sites under consideration.

“Several criteria must be used to select the location, including reasonable proximity to the University’s main campus so that shared resources contribute to cost-effective education, an attractive setting that reinforces the importance of two-year education, access to transportation and parking, future expandability and a location that contributes to the strength of our community,” Engstrom said.

“We have examined two sites in detail during recent months – the South Campus and the East Broadway location,” he said. “Both meet the above criteria, and both are suitable from an architect’s perspective. Now, we’d like to invite the community – including students, faculty and staff at Missoula College – to let us know their thoughts about these locations.”

The first scheduled forum will be held from 4 to 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 19, at the Holiday Inn Downtown, Garden City Parlor B. The second will run from 2 to 4 p.m. Friday, Sept. 20, in HB01 of the Missoula College Administration Building. William Marcus, director of the UM Broadcast Media Center, will moderate both forums.

The South Campus, which now contains the UM Golf Course, some campus housing and athletic facilities, has been designated as the future location where UM will accommodate growth. The South Campus Master Plan was approved six years ago by the University and the Montana Board of Regents.

“Regardless of siting for Missoula College, the South Campus Master Plan will remain viable and will guide the long-term growth of UM,” Engstrom said.

The East Broadway site is across the Clark Fork River from the central mountain campus and adjacent to the Montana Technology Enterprise Center (MonTEC). StudioFORMA Architects conducted a feasibility study of the East Broadway location that was delivered to the University in July. The study examined the site and found no significant barriers to further consideration.

The 2013 Montana Legislature allocated $29 million for UM to build a new home for Missoula College. UM is in the process of raising an additional $3 million match.

“Our two-year students represent a critical asset for Missoula and for Montana,” Engstrom said. “With a new state-of the-art facility, Missoula College will be able to implement more fully its mission to become a community-focused institution serving the educational and workforce needs of this region, as well as future generations of Montanans for years to come.”

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