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UM News
September 26, 2013

MISSOULA – The University of Montana today announced a headcount enrollment of 14,525 for fall semester, which exceeds UM projections but remains lower than a year ago.

New-student recruiting yielded 3,418 new students, which is three more than a year ago. UM President Royce Engstrom said the total headcount decline is due primarily to smaller classes of new students and larger graduating classes in the past two years. In response to last year’s lower enrollment, UM launched a series of initiatives to improve outreach to prospective students and their parents.

“The University has made significant changes in the past year on a number of fronts – in the amount of scholarship money we offer and our marketing and recruiting strategies,” Engstrom said. “In addition, we provide more programs than ever to help students succeed.”

Student headcount at Missoula College is 2,467, which is almost identical to last year. Engstrom said this reflects UM’s continued emphasis on the importance of two-year education. The number of Missoula-area high school students concurrently enrolled in college-level courses at UM also has increased significantly from 308 to 441.

Graduate-student enrollment also remains strong at 2,271, which nearly equals last autumn.

In addition, UM’s Office for Student Success reports more freshmen from Montana are better prepared for college-level coursework. This fall, 74 percent of resident freshmen reported taking at least four years of math in high school compared with 69 percent a year ago.

The total UM enrollment of 14,525 translates into an unofficial overall student full-time equivalent of 11,964. An FTE represents 15 undergraduate or 12 graduate credits.




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