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Loey Knapp, director of strategic projects, UM Information Technology, 406-243-6309, .

UM Receives Grant to Improve Cyberinfrastructure for Researchers

Sep. 12, 2013

MISSOULA – The University of Montana recently was awarded a National Science Foundation grant of nearly $500,000 to support a project to improve the University's cyberinfrastructure.

The project will fund the procurement of high speed bandwidth for several key buildings housing active, big-data research projects. The upgrade will greatly enhance the ability of researchers to actively participate in their fields, work in collaboration with other researchers at the national and international level, and broaden the impact of UM research efforts.

The two-year Campus Cyberinfrastructure-Network Infrastructure and Engineering Program project is under the guidance of Loey Knapp, Jeffrey Good, Anna Klene, John McCutcheon and Rebecca Bendick.

Specific areas enhanced by the project will include research of animal-microbial symbioses, mountain pine beetle-induced changes in forest infrastructure and hydrology and subsequent impact on fire management, and geodynamics research in relation to earthquakes in the developing world.