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October 02, 2013

MISSOULA – David Steinberg, Georgetown University’s Distinguished Professor of Asian Studies, will present “Burma: Reforms and Opportunities for the Future in Southeast Asia” at the University of Montana on Thursday, Oct. 10. Sponsored by the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center, the talk begins at 7:30 p.m. in Turner Hall’s Dell Brown Room.

Steinberg is a pre-eminent scholar on Burma-Myanmar. He has written 14 books and monographs and more than 100 articles and book-chapters. His work includes “Burma/Myanmar: What Everyone Needs to Know,” “Turmoil in Burma: Contested Legitimacies in Myanmar” and “Burma: The State of Myanmar.”

 “David is one of the pre-eminent scholars on Burma who has written the definitive English-language primer on the country,” said UM Mansfield Center Director Abraham Kim. “Because of his expertise and access, he has been a key adviser to the U.S. government on its recent engagement efforts. As a result, David has fascinating anecdotes to share.”

Following elections in 2010, Burma-Myanmar transitioned away from 60 years of military rule and began civil, political and economic reforms designed to resolve its own internal conflicts, to better protect the human rights of its citizens and to open its long-isolated economy. These reforms have helped spur international interest in a country with both rich natural resources and a developing role in the region as it chairs the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in 2014.

Steinberg will examine the challenges Burma-Myanmar faces moving forward and the opportunities that these reforms have created for the U.S. and for the international community to engage Burma on economic, cultural, civic and political issues. His talk will be followed by a Q-and-A session with the audience.

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