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October 22, 2013

MISSOULA – The Mansfield Library at the University of Montana is celebrating Open Access Week with the recent launch of UM ScholarWorks, a new service for preserving, showcasing and making freely available the intellectual and creative scholarship of UM’s faculty, students and staff.

Open Access Week, a global event held Oct. 21-27, celebrates the movement toward making scholarly publications available online to everyone with minimum restrictions. UM ScholarWorks, which was launched this semester, will include a wide variety of scholarly content such as journal articles, theses and dissertations, student research, books, book reviews, presentations, posters, technical reports, performances and University publications.

ScholarWorks is a search engine optimized for online discovery, making UM’s scholarship highly visible and easy to find, cite, share and use. It helps increase the reach and impact of UM scholarship while providing monthly download data to authors. The system also serves as a journal publication platform, including tools that allow editors to manage the entire publication process – from submissions to peer review to final publication.

“ScholarWorks will aggregate and highlight the depth and breadth of UM’s scholarship for a global audience,” said Wendy Walker, Mansfield Library digital initiatives librarian and assistant professor. “The scholarship in ScholarWorks provides evidence for the integrity and quality of the academic programs and research opportunities at UM.”

The ScholarWorks team at the Mansfield Library has just begun building the collections in the system and will increase outreach over the coming months to gather more content from the UM community.

“ScholarWorks has been live for only a month, and there already have been 89 full-text downloads of faculty papers,” Walker said.

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Contact: Wendy Walker, digital initiatives librarian and assistant professor, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, 406-243-6004,