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UM News
October 29, 2013

MISSOULA – University of Montana students are invited to complete the Safe Campus Survey at

The survey will provide the University with needed information about knowledge, attitudes, program use and experiences of UM students.

“This can be very helpful to the campus community and may help with the development of effective programs and in creating positive change in sexual and interpersonal violence,” said psychology Professor Christine Fiore, who leads the survey effort. “The summary findings also will be made available to the Department of Justice and Office of Civil Rights and may help other schools learn from us as well.”

The survey should be completed by all UM and Missoula College students who attend classes, either full or part time in the current academic year. The survey is voluntary, but a higher response rate will more accurately represent the student population.

Students who complete the survey have the opportunity to enter a drawing to win one of two $500 Amazon gift cards, one of three $100 Amazon gift cards, one of two $50 Amazon gift cards or one of 20 $5 campus coffee cards.

Some faculty members also will offer extra credit or research credit to students who complete the survey. Students can check with professors to see if this is a possibility. In order to receive credit, instructions at the end of the survey guide students to print off a participation confirmation. This confirmation page is not connected to responses.

The surveys are anonymous, and each will take about 25 to 40 minutes to complete. The completion time will vary based on student experiences.

“Because we are asking about sexual experiences, some of the questions may make students uncomfortable or distressed,” Fiore said. “Throughout the survey, the numbers for UM’s Student Advocacy Resource Center and Curry Health Center Counseling Services are made available.”

The survey is one component of the agreement between UM and the Department of Justice. Fiore said this is not the first time UM students have been surveyed on such experiences. Sociology faculty members Jim Burfeind and Dan Doyle administered a similar survey in 1994, and Dustin Hollist of sociology administered another in 2007.

“Because some of the new survey uses some of the original questions, we will be able to compare our findings to earlier surveys,” Fiore said.

To request more information about this questionnaire or the study, call Fiore at 406-243-2081 or email





Contact: Christine Fiore, professor and chairwoman, UM Department of Psychology, 406-243-2081,