UM Adds New Software That Reads Computer Screens Out Loud

January 09, 2014

MISSOULA – The University of Montana has added new software that allows all students and employees to have whatever is on a computer screen read to them out loud.

While the University’s purchase of Read&Write Gold is primarily directed toward students with barriers to print, the unique attributes of this program bring added benefits to all users, said Timothy McHenry, assistive technology coordinator with UM Disability Services for Students.

“Essentially, now all UM students, faculty and staff have access to a program that will read what is on the computer screen to them out loud,” McHenry said. “It’s a great new tool in UM’s inventory of educational support software.”

Read&Write Gold is a literacy-solution software contained in a customizable toolbar.  The toolbar works within the framework of commonly used applications such as Word, Google Docs, standard Web browsers, email programs and Adobe Reader.

The software offers its users advanced dictionaries, spellchecking, word prediction and foreign-language translation capabilities.

“It also is an excellent tool for our English-as-a-second-language students,” McHenry said. “The software also can help with reading comprehension, document proofreading and act as a research aid, and it can help with writing, studying and test-taking.”

Read&Write Gold is available now as a free download for all UM and Missoula College students, faculty and staff. To download the program, visit

For information and instruction, call McHenry at 406-243-2243 or email



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Contact: Timothy McHenry, assistive technology coordinator, UM Disability Services for Students, 406-243-2243,