UM Releases Spring Enrollment Figures

February 27, 2014

MISSOULA – The 2014 spring semester headcount enrollment at the University of Montana is 13,554, a number that meets enrollment projections and reflects the high number of degrees awarded at the end of fall 2013.

The spring enrollment is a 6.7 percent decrease from last fall’s enrollment of 14,525, which the University anticipated.

Universities usually see a decline from fall to spring semester, said Peggy Kuhr, vice president for integrated communications. “Under normal circumstances, you’re going to lose about 5 percent for spring semester, and we had a higher graduation number this past fall than in previous fall semesters.”

The University awarded 836 degrees in fall 2013, 88 more than the previous fall and almost 200 more than fall 2010, the University Registrar’s Office reported.

In the past several years, UM has added more resources to help current students stay in school and on track to graduation. The University also has redesigned and increased recruitment efforts with help from faculty, staff and students across campus.

“We have made significant changes to assure greater student success and to reach out to more prospective students – in person and through mail and email – to tell them about the tremendous educational opportunities at UM,” Kuhr said. “Our talented faculty, especially, are key to this effort.”



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