Rock Fall Closes Campus Drive

March 10, 2014

A boulder about 3-feet wide rolled off Mount Sentinel Sunday night onto the University of Montana campus, prompting officials to close a section of Campus Drive until further notice.

            The boulder took out the top part of a retaining wall before coming to rest on the street near the Parking Garage on the east side of campus. No one was injured.

            Marty Ludemann, interim police chief at UM, said the rock fall evidently was caused by ground saturation and continuing precipitation. The boulder was discovered when workers arrived at around 6 a.m. this morning.

            UM students were advised to not park on the mountain side of Campus Drive via text and social media messages that went out Monday morning. The M Trail also has been closed to hiking until further notice.

            The M Trail and about 300 yards of Campus Drive will remain closed until conditions stabilize.





Contact: Marty Ludemann, UM Office of Public Safety interim police chief, 406-243-2277,