University Villages Plans Herbicide Application

March 31, 2014

MISSOULA – Work crews at University Villages, a University of Montana housing complex, will apply herbicides to select areas this spring and summer. Residents and the public should watch for signs posted along the perimeter of treated areas.

“We may begin spot spraying as soon as possible as daytime temperatures increase,” said Richard Erving, University Villages grounds supervisor. “We post a lot of signs, so people should be on the lookout. It should be obvious that work is happening.”

Glyphosate – commonly known as Roundup – will be spot-sprayed near parking lots, curbs and sidewalks, as well as in some ornamental flowerbeds. Craighead, Sisson, Elliot, Toole and Lewis and Clark Villages are scheduled for treatment this spring. The herbicide Horsepower will be used for treatment of broadleaf weeds in some areas.

Erving stressed that workers will adhere to all procedural regulations and guidelines in applying the herbicide.

For more information call Brad Hall, associate director of facilities and maintenance, at 406-243-6030 or email






Contact: Brad Hall, associate director of facilities and maintenance, UM Residence Life Office, 406-243-6030,