SpectrUM ‘Pop-up Museum’ Draws Hundreds to Nanoscience

April 11, 2014

MISSOULA – What happens when you slide a magnet along a tube filled with magnetic ferrofluid? How do medical researchers use nanotechnology to fight cancer?

Visitors to the Missoula Public Library can find out for themselves at a fun, hands-on pop-up museum hosted by the University of Montana spectrUM Discovery Area. Featuring a nanoscience exhibition created by the Minnesota Science Museum the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network, this playful pop-up museum invites children of all ages to explore the fascinating world of nanotechnology. The free exhibit lets visitors build a giant carbon nanotube, “balance our nano future” on a tippy table, and learn about exciting career possibilities in nanotechnology.

The pop-up museum is the result of a pilot partnership between spectrUM and the Missoula Public Library.

“We are extremely pleased to have the Nanoscience Exhibition in the Children’s Department and welcome the opportunity to offer another learning experience to the Missoula community,” said Pam Carlton, Missoula Public Library children’s librarian. “In just the first two weeks after the exhibit arrived, we have had hundreds of children and adults stop in and explore. Our partnership with spectrum Discovery Area is one we hope continues far into the future.”

 Committed to inspiring a culture of learning and discovery for all, spectrUM is an interactive science center that annually serves more than 50,000 Montanans through in-museum and mobile programming. The Nanoscience Exhibit will make spectrUM’s hands-on science outreach available to the Missoula Public Library’s 1,600 daily visitors, including 400 children.

“We’re in the business of exciting the next generation of Missoulians about science, technology, engineering and math,” said spectrUM Director Holly Truitt. “And, we’re equally committed to putting them on the fast track to higher education. We can’t think of a better partner in these efforts than the Missoula Public Library, which offers a vibrant community space grounded in learning and exploration for all ages.”






Contact: Hannah Motl, spectrUM outreach coordinator, 406-243-4828, hannah.motl@umontana.edu.