UM Student Takes Second in International Business Competition

May 01, 2014

MISSOULA – More than 1,700 students from across the globe recently competed in the semiannual Capsim Challenge to see who has the corporate intellect to be a winning CEO. University of Montana School of Business Administration recent graduate student Donna Weathers took second place in the competition.

Students from 36 countries competed in the online challenge, in which participants manage a simulation of a multimillion-dollar company. Weathers entered the challenge after using the simulation program in a School of Business Administration class.

“I enjoyed learning how to configure and calculate what I anticipated the market would do,” she said. “When the challenge came up, there was no doubt I would participate and try and push the limits of the simulation even further.”

Capsim is the world’s largest business simulation platform. More than 500 universities and corporations use the introductory Foundation or more complex Capstone programs.

UM Associate Professor Shawn Clouse teaches the Integrative Business Simulation course, coaching student teams through their own simulations.

“The simulations are designed to get students to think like executives,” Clouse said. “They play against each other in class and make decisions based on how other people play the game.”

Though Weathers competed individually in the international challenge, she completed simulations as part of a team in the classroom, a dynamic she calls both interesting and frustrating.

“Suggestions were often made that potentially could hurt or help our results, and we all had to come to a consensus about what our final submission would be,” she said. “This team experience I believe will be helpful when I need to make difficult decisions that impact the future of employees.”

Weathers is preparing her business plan for the upcoming John Ruffatto Business Plan Competition, which will be held Thursday, May 15, at the School of Business Administration. She took second place in the school’s fall business plan competition and received an automatic bid to the prestigious and competitive Ruffatto event.

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