UM InPsych Program Earns $1.2M Grant

September 24, 2014

MISSOULA – The University of Montana Department of Psychology recently received a five-year, $1.2 million federal grant to continue its highly successful Indians Into Psychology (InPsych) Program.

The grant, awarded by Indian Health Service, will provide financial support and unique educational opportunities for Native American students as they pursue degrees in clinical psychology. 

“It has been an honor and a privilege to direct the program here at the University of Montana for the past 16 years,” InPsych Program Director Gyda Swaney said.

Swaney attributes the success of the InPsych Program to the caliber of Native students involved and the training and mentorship the students receive from the UM Department of Psychology faculty.

Since the InPsych Program’s inception in 1998, UM has awarded eight doctorates in clinical psychology to Native American students. Currently, seven Native American graduate students are pursuing their doctorate degrees in clinical psychology at UM. Additionally, five participants in the undergraduate summer program have completed or are completing their doctorates at universities nationwide. 

The InPsych Program was established as part of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act and seeks to provide summer programs to expose Native American students to the various fields of psychology, stipends for students to pursue careers in clinical psychology, tribal community outreach and health professions recruitment. The program also aims to develop affiliation agreements with tribal colleges and universities to enhance Native students’ education and, ultimately, provide psychological services to under-served Native American communities by providing training opportunities for psychology graduate students in those communities.

For more information, call InPsych Program Director Gyda Swaney at 406-243-5630 or email


Contact: Gyda Swaney, Indians Into Psychology Program director, 406-243-5630,