Montana High School Students Win Scholarships to UM at Model United Nations

December 03, 2014

MISSOULA – Five high school seniors were awarded $1,000 scholarships to attend the University of Montana last week for their exemplary performance at the 49th Annual Montana Model United Nations Conference. Each winner wrote an outstanding position paper and actively and accurately represented his or her country during two days of debate on world issues.

The awardees include Jag Ashtiani from Coeur d'Alene High School, Kelaiah Horat from Ravalli Home School, Meredith Stolte from Columbia Falls High School, Wyatt McGillen from Kalispell Flathead High School and Remy Arnot from Missoula Hellgate High School.

Any scholarship turned down by one of the first five seniors will be offered to the next senior on the top-20 list. In recent years, at least half of the top-20 seniors have been offered a scholarship.

Schools also were acknowledged with awards at the conclusion of the conference. The 19 participating schools were divided into small and large delegations based on the number of students they brought to the conference and were judged on the overall preparedness, participation and excellence of their delegates.

The three school award categories include Outstanding School for the top 10 percent, Distinguished School for the top 20 percent and Honorable School for the top 30 percent. 

The small delegation winners were:

  • Outstanding School: Missoula Sentinel High School, advised by Ezra Shearer.
  • Distinguished School: Polson High School, advised by Katie Rehberg and Abby Connolly. 
  • Honorable School: Ravalli Home School, advised by Tanya Horat.

The large delegation winners were:

  • Outstanding School: Missoula Big Sky High School, advised by Janice Bishop and Cameron Johnson. 
  • Distinguished School: Kalispell Flathead High School, advised by Lauren Gustafson.
  • Honorable School: Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy, advised by Robert Miles. 

Additional awards were given to the top 20 percent of the 380 students who attended the conference and to the top 20 percent of the 111 country teams. UM students who planned and staffed the conference also were recognized. 

The complete award listing, including the top 20 high school senior list, can be found online at

For more information on award criteria, go to For information on the conference, including topics, guest speakers, and participating high schools, go to


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