UM’s Mansfield Library Nationally Recognized for Serving as Region’s Depository

January 05, 2015

MISSOULA – The U.S. Government Publishing Office recently spotlighted the University of Montana’s Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library for serving as a regional depository library. The library was designated as a depository in 1909 and a regional depository library in 1965.

UM’s large academic library has a wide variety of information available to its patrons through well-developed online guides. Susanne Caro, UM’s regional depository coordinator, created and maintains the U.S. Government Information subject guides, which can be accessed online at

The library provides an array of portal-level access points to online government resources, down to individual monographs of specific titles. 

“As one would expect, the New Government Documents Guide showcases new government publications, but it also does a wonderful job of tying historic documents to today’s current events,” the spotlight reads. 

The article also acknowledged the Mansfield Library’s blog “The Government News for Montana,” which posts new government document resources and news articles of interest to those in Montana. The blog can be accessed online at

“A characteristic of UM[’s] online subject guides that you will find very interesting is that they provide a mash up, or a blend of information, from a variety of sources as appropriate,” the article reads. 

As a regional depository library, UM provides government document administration as one of its services to selective depositories. The Montana Federal Depository Library Program blog site, which can be accessed online at, offers video demonstrations, blog posts listing training opportunities, weeding procedures, a directory of Montana depositories and more.

The article also recognizes the library’s work on a long-term retrospective cataloging project. The library has a strong collection of U.S. Forest Service publications and has partnered with GPO to provide cooperative cataloging for the pre-1976 publications and for fugitive publications the library holds. 

All libraries benefit from the project because finalized records are added to GPO’s Catalog of U.S. Government Publications, which can be accessed online at

“The staff at Mansfield Library has access to a large historic collection and has put a lot of work into making their collection visible and available for use,” the article states. “Their passion for Federal Government information serves the people of the University, the state of Montana, and the nation very well.”

The full article can be accessed online at


Contact: Shali Zhang, dean, UM Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, 406-243-6800,