UM Offers Project GO Scholarship to Eligible ROTC Cadets

January 30, 2015

MISSOULA The Defense Critical Language & Culture Program at the University of Montana will offer the Project GO (Global Officer) scholarship to eligible ROTC cadets. 

Project GO is a nationwide program that provides ROTC cadets study abroad experience and training in critical languages, exclusively for the languages of the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Eligibility is contingent upon contract status and fulfilling language prerequisites. The ROTC cadet must be under contract currently or by the time they graduate.

UM will offer two Project GO programs during the 2015 summer. UM’s program places a high emphasis on language fluency and cultural understanding. Both programs consist of domestic study and study abroad. The program promotes intercultural dialogue between ROTC students and international students and undertakes strategic initiatives to normalize study abroad and language study among ROTC students. 

Online applications are accepted through Feb. 1. Project GO participants may be eligible for language-training incentive pay. Interested participants are encouraged to contact their ROTC unit for more details. A limited number of openings are available.

A video from one of last year’s Project GO Korea participants is available online at For more information call Daphne Felker at 406-243-3608. For more information on the Defense Critical Languages & Culture Program visit

Contact: Daphne Felker, Defense Critical Language and Culture Program, 406-243-3608,