Montana’s eGovernment Service: High Satisfaction and Saving Money

April 20, 2015

MISSOULA – A recent study completed by the University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research discovered the state of Montana’s transition to online services has “produced high levels of satisfaction” and has “resulted in substantial, ongoing cost savings in the operations of state government.”

UM School of Business Administration Associate Professor of accounting Ron Premuroso and BBER researchers worked with various heads of state agencies and other state officials as well as the state’s major eGovernment services provider and, separately, surveyed state-eGovernment-service users to collect data for the study results.

For the agencies analyzed, the study found “over the five-year period ending in June 2014, the State of Montana realized approximately $3.4 million in measured operational cost savings by providing eGovernment services in place of manual and paper-based transaction processing.” Going further, “If the per transaction savings determined in this study were valid for all of the 10.7 million transactions originating through the Web portal during Fiscal 2013, the total cost savings to the State of Montana could be as much as 20 times greater, in the range of $60 million to $70 million over the same five-year period.”

Regarding user satisfaction with the State of Montana’s eGovernment services, the study found “more than nine out of every 10 eGovernment users who responded to the survey gave the State of Montana’s eGovernment online business services a positive (good, very good, or excellent) overall rating.” The user satisfaction survey sample was comprised of an online survey sent to Montana businesses using eGovernment services in 2014.

The study was supported by the Montana Department of Administration and the Office of the Governor.

The report summary is available online at

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