UM Dining Exceeds $1 Million in Local Food Purchases

September 09, 2015

MISSOULA – UM Dining has surpassed $1 million in local food purchases this past year for the first time since the 2003 inception of the UM Farm to College Program. For fiscal year 2015, UM Dining purchased $996,099 from FTC partners and more than $5,000 of food grown in UM Dining’s garden, totaling more than $1 million.

UM Dining Director of Marketing Sam Belanger said the FTC Program highlights UM’s dedication to state and local economies while providing fresh, healthy food to the campus community.

“Purchasing regional food supports local economies, strengthens local communities, preserves a community’s natural and cultural heritage and positively impacts the environment,” Belanger said. “FTC’s success highlights the possibilities and benefits of local food purchasing and is paving the way for other large-scale food service venues to purchase locally.”

UM Dining spent an additional $234,154 on sustainable foods in fiscal year 2015, rounding out a total $1.2 million in local and sustainable food. These purchases account for more than 31 percent of UM Dining’s total food budget, and it’s an increase of nearly 7 percent since last year.

Through UM’s FTC Program, UM Dining partners with 138 local farmers, ranchers and food producers. UM takes pride in working with local producers who make the effort to create or produce products in an environmentally sustainable way. For more information call Belanger at 406-243-5089 or email


Contact: Sam Belanger, UM Dining director of marketing, 406-243-5089,