Missoula College Nursing Students Earn 100 Percent Pass Rate, Top Scores in National Licensure Exam

October 28, 2015

MISSOULA – Students at Missoula College University of Montana are well above average when it comes to passing licensing tests required to practice nursing.

In 2015, every student in Missoula College’s Associate of Applied Science Practical Nursing Program who took the National Council Licensure Exam passed, compared to 81 percent of students nationwide from other schools.

Likewise, students in MC’s Associate of Nursing Program garnered a pass rate of 94 percent in 2015, compared to 85 percent nationwide.

“These pass rates not only indicate the knowledge base of our faculty, but also the consistent care and individualized instruction they give to each of our students,” said MC Dean Shannon O’Brien.

O’Brien emphasized how the professional knowledge and experience of Missoula College faculty is coupled with their commitment to student learning. “That combination of qualities is revered in the education field, but particularly in this vital role for ensuring high quality patient care,” O’Brien said.

MC students historically score well on the NCLEX Licensing Exams, which are required to practice nursing in Montana.

“We feel our students are well prepared to take the test and well prepared as nurses,” said Dixie McLaughlin, MC’s Nursing Program director.

McLaughlin points to MC’s dedicated staff, high quality lab facility and small classes as reasons MC students succeed on the national licensure exam. Additionally, the new East Broadway campus, slated to opening the summer of 2017, will feature a functioning triage center, capable of both classroom clinical exercises and real-life disaster response.

The NCLEX pass rates indicate the programs’ success in preparing students to enter the workforce. MC’s averages a 99 percent pass rate for the LPN NCLEX exam and a 95 percent pass rate for the RN NCLEX exam.

“A lot of potential students look at pass rights, and that’s one reason they apply here,” McLaughlin said.

After completing MC’s associate degree programs in nursing, students may continue their education in baccalaureate programs or begin careers. Many graduates of the programs go on to work in the community at local long-term care facilities, home health facilities, hospitals and clinics.

For more information about the NCLEX, visit the National Council of State Boards of Nursing online at https://www.ncsbn.org/nclex.htm.

For more information about the Montana Board of Nursing, visit http://bsd.dli.mt.gov/license/bsd_boards/nur_board/board_page.asp.

For more information about MC’s Nursing Program, visit http://mc.umt.edu/nursing/.  

Contact: Dixie McLaughlin, Missoula College Nursing Program director, 406-243-7875, dixie.mclaughlin@umontana.edu.