Book on UM’s Montana Osprey Project Wins National Award

June 01, 2016

The book “Call of the Osprey,” based on UM’s Montana Osprey Project, won a 2016 science book award from the National Teachers Association and the Children’s Book Association. MISSOULA – “Call of the Osprey,” a book focusing on the University of Montana’s Montana Osprey Project, recently won the 2016 Award for the Best Science Book for Children K-12 from the National Science Teachers Association and the Children’s Book Association. 

The book, written by Missoula resident and author Dorothy Hinshaw Patent and featuring photos by William Munoz, is part of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s “Scientists in the Field” series, which is aimed at fueling the curiosity children have about the natural world and showing them the cool things scientists do.

During their research for the book, Patent and Munoz spent time in the field and the lab with scientists seeing how they analyze osprey blood and feather samples for heavy metals.

The Montana Osprey Project was started by Rob Domenech, the director of Raptor View Research Institute, Heiko Langner, a former UM researcher and director of the Environmental Biogeochemistry Lab, and Erick Greene, a UM professor in the Division of Biological Sciences. It focuses on research, education and the conservation of ospreys throughout western Montana, as well as the effects of heavy metal contamination on them.

“That the book is about our research project is incredibly cool and gratifying, and I am so proud of Dorothy and Bill,” Greene said.

The Montana Osprey Project runs livestreaming nest cams in Hellgate Canyon in Missoula, which can be viewed at It is supported by the Montana Natural Resources Damage Program, Cornell Lab of Ornithology and many donations.

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