Prelaw Program at UM Boasts High Success Rate

October 03, 2016

MISSOULA – The Prelaw Program at the University of Montana has announced an above-average success rate for its students entering law school.

With a success rate of 91 percent, UM’s Prelaw Program is well above the national average admittance rate of 78 percent, which includes students not participating in a prelaw program. The UM Prelaw Program had a 92 percent success rate for students entering law school in fall 2014 and 90 percent for fall 2015, and the projected rate for this fall is 95 percent.

Associate Professor Soazig Le Bihan, UM’s Prelaw Program coordinator, said the program differs from others because it’s catered toward student personalities and interests. Le Bihan works with many students from their freshman year and advises them on both academics and extracurricular activities.  

“I do not try to make my students fit into a predetermined mold,” Le Bihan said. “I mentor each student differently, trying to reveal their own personality and strengths.”

To help prepare for law school, students take an LSAT course, which is far less expensive than a private course, and a prelaw seminar.

“The prelaw seminar helps the students become truly informed about careers in the law and the application process for law school,” Le Bihan said. “So the students who apply to law school under my mentorship really have thought very seriously about why they want to go to law school.”

Le Bihan said many students attend UM’s Alexander Blewett III School of Law, but a few have gone to law school at University of California, Davis; University of California, Irvine; Oregon; Washington; New York University; Notre Dame; Chicago and Michigan, depending on their specific goals and interests.

UM students not participating in the Prelaw Program have an acceptance rate of 76 percent. 

For more information on UM’s Prelaw Program, call Le Bihan at 406-243-6233, email or visit


Contact: Soazig Le Bihan, associate professor, UM Prelaw Program coordinator, 406-243-6233,