Mansfield Center to Host CHINA Town Hall on U.S.-China Relations, Tariffs

October 03, 2018

MISSOULA – The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center at the University of Montana is honored to bring the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations’ 12th annual “CHINA Town Hall: Local Connections, National Reflections” to Missoula on Tuesday, Oct. 9.

The program begins at 4 p.m. in Davidson Honors College Room 119. It is free and open to the public.

The Town Hall will open with a live national webcast broadcast to venues across the U.S., including Missoula, featuring former secretary of state and national security adviser Condoleezza Rice on the current state of U.S.-China relations.

After the national webcast, I. Allen Barber II, president of the Denver-Hainan Corporation and China trade adviser to the Western Governors’ Association, will be on-site at UM to discuss the U.S.-China tariff war and its impact on Montana businesses.

China remains the United States’ largest trading partner, but months of escalating tariffs are starting to be felt in industries across both countries. The U.S. placed the original tariffs on Chinese imports in July in response to what the Trump administration calls unfair trade policies that favor China. China accused the U.S. of launching the largest trade war in history and has met the new tariffs in kind.

Currently the two countries have imposed tariffs on hundreds of billions of goods, from food and consumer products to chemical and manufacturing products. As the tariffs escalate and economic negotiations between the two countries continue, more companies are asking questions about what the current tariffs mean for them.

CHINA Town Hall is a national conversation on China taking place at more than 100 venues throughout the United States and in Greater China. The National Committee on U.S.-China Relations is the leading national, nonpartisan public affairs organization devoted exclusively to building constructive and durable relationships between the United States and China.

Rice is currently the Denning Professor in Global Business and the Economy at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. From January 2005 to 2009, Rice served as the 66th Secretary of State of the United States – the second woman and first African-American woman to hold the post. She also served as President George W. Bush’s assistant to the president for national security affairs (national security adviser) from January 2001 to 2005 – the first woman to hold the position.

Barber began working with Chinese executives and officials in 1987, assisting with the development of Hainan Island. He founded Denver-Hainan Corporation to assist State Owned Enterprise executives to find U.S technology and partners to modernize their companies.

Barber works closely with the National League of Cities, Western Governors’ Association, National Governors’ Association, law firms, companies and others in the areas of energy, medical, IT, internet of things, intelligent manufacturing, water pollution mitigation and other technologies benefiting both the U.S. and China.

UM’s Mansfield Center promotes better understanding of Asia, U.S. relations with Asia and ethics in public affairs in the spirit of Sen. Mike Mansfield (1903-2001) and his wife and life partner, Maureen Hayes Mansfield. The center houses programs that focus on the peoples and cultures of modern Asia and ethics in public affairs – the core interests and hallmarks of Sen. Mansfield’s career.

This event is co-sponsored by the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center and The National Committee on U.S.-China Relations. More information is available at


Contact: Caitlin Sager, program manager, UM Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center, 406-243-2965,