UM Curry Health Center Releases Well-Being Toolkit

October 19, 2018

MISSOULA – Curry Health Center Wellness, in collaboration with the Campus Wellness Coalition, has released a new resource for faculty and staff at the University of Montana to help promote well-being campuswide.

Based on the work done at Simon Fraser University in Canada exploring how learning environments and well-being can positively affect academic outcomes, the new Faculty Toolkit provides ways to create a culture of well-being in the classroom that can powerfully impact students.

The project is a response to feedback from students and information collected in the biennial National College Health Assessment survey.

“According to UM student data, more of our students are struggling in the areas of mental and emotional well-being. More students report feeling very sad, lonely, overwhelmed and extremely stressed,” said Julee Stearns, UM health promotion specialist. “At Curry Health Center Wellness, we are excited to be working to expand the traditional health education efforts into a more comprehensive systemic approach. By engaging instructors in promoting well-being in their classroom, we are able to expand the reach of health education across campus.”

The toolkit provides evidence-based recommendations and campus and Missoula-based resources to promote well-being in the classroom in areas including flexibility, positive classroom culture and responding to students in crisis.

“Supportive classroom environments allow students to rise to the challenge of their academic endeavors even when they encounter real-life struggles along the way,” Stearns said. “The Faculty Toolkit outlines simple yet powerful suggestions that support student well-being in the classroom.”

The toolkit is available online at To learn about the Student Wellness Advocate program and Campus Wellness Coalition, visit

For more information about the toolkit, call Stearns at 406-243-5336 or email


Contact: Julee Stearns, UM Curry Health Center health promotion specialist, 406-243-5336,