A Parent's Letter to President Bodnar

December 03, 2018

Hello President Bodnar,

My name is Tonya Robinson, and I briefly met you last year at the (UM Conference on Undergraduate Research) award ceremony. My daughter, Autumn Robinson, received an award for her poster presentation. The reason I am writing you is to acknowledge the incredible opportunities my daughter has had at UM and share my appreciation for Dr. George Stanley, Kallie Moore (I believe she is the UM Paleontology Center collection manager) and Hannah Sheppard. 

With the mentorship of Dr. George Stanley, Autumn worked on a project as a senior at Hellgate High School in the Advanced Problems in Science class. Through this mentorship and teamwork, Autumn, Hannah and Dr. Stanley’s research was published by the Journal of Earth Sciences. Autumn was invited to be a speaker at the National (Geological Society of America) Meeting in Indianapolis this week, where she delivered a 15-minute presentation on their research. What an incredible opportunity! She presented to professional geologists, academic geologists and graduate students as a sophomore from the University of Montana. 

I also wanted to acknowledge Kallie Moore. Autumn volunteers at the Paleontology Center, and Kallie has helped her in many ways! Autumn has reached out to her with questions and is learning by working side by side with Kallie in the lab. I think this says a lot about the University of Montana and how committed everyone is to the success of the students. 

I am motivated to write this to you for many reasons, and being a proud mom is for sure one of them. I also want to make you aware of this accomplishment due to the support Autumn has had at UM. She is currently working on a project with Dr. Secor in his lab with another incredible team of people. I also have a senior in high school that has spent three years working on different projects in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. I will actually be visiting campus with her on Thursday, as she is narrowing down her options on where she will attend school.

Overall, I would like to express appreciation to you and UM on the culture that we have experienced, to Dr. Stanley, Hannah Shepard and Kallie Moore for their role in the success of my daughter and to bring attention to these individuals for the impact they make. 

Thank you for taking time to read this!

Tonya Robinson, Parent of UM Student


Contact: Paula Short, UM director of communications, 406-243-5806, paula.short@umontana.edu.