UM Expands Summer Options to Better Serve Students

May 06, 2019

UM News Service

MISSOULA – The University of Montana is enhancing its summer semester options this year by offering more classes, free math tutoring and discounted on-campus housing for students.

Summer courses can help students shorten their time to graduation while providing the chance to take part in unique experiential learning opportunities, complete general education requirements, learn in accelerated course formats and receive more individualized attention in smaller classes.

“Last summer we saw a substantial jump in summer enrollment, and that told us that our students are eager to continue their studies – and in many cases complete their degrees – over the summer,” said Grace Gardner, director of UM Summer Programs. “This year, we are offering more summer classes and more perks like discounted housing and math tutoring to help students stay on course for graduation.”

UM will offer more than 1,000 classes this summer, and more than 200 of those will be online, allowing students to attend from anywhere with internet access. This year summer courses will be offered in three-week, six-week and 12-week sessions. This is more sessions than previous years, a move made possible by shortening the break between fall and spring semesters earlier this year.

These additional summer sessions help students by offering more flexibility between the sessions, smaller class sizes, a chance to participate in out-of-classroom experience such as field research, service-learning opportunities, independent studies, study abroad trips, internship experiences and excursions for credit in and around Montana. They also provide an opportunity to complete an entire three-credit course in three, six or 12 weeks rather than the traditional 15-week term.

For the first time ever, UM Housing is providing a special on-campus housing offer for students taking at least six credits this summer. The new initiative offers an affordable option for students who want to stay in Missoula and take summer courses. Students can live in Jesse Hall for a flat rate of $300 for a shared room or $450 for a single room for the entire summer term. Space is limited so students are encouraged to submit a Summer Housing Application as soon as possible.

“Our students told us they want to continue taking classes over the summer, but housing can be a challenge,” said Sandy Curtis, UM Housing director. “As a result, we are offering discounted residence hall rooms to summer students for the first time, and we’re excited by the response we’ve gotten so far. We are hopeful that this discount makes summer session a viable option for more students.”

In addition to providing an on-campus housing option, UM will offer free summer math tutoring at both UM’s Mountain campus and Missoula College.

“Math courses are popular summer classes at UM, and many students benefit from smaller class sizes and five-day-a-week format when tackling this subject matter,” said Nathan Lindsay, vice provost for academic affairs. “Our free math tutoring at both campuses is intended to help these students succeed as they work toward completing their general education and major requirements.”

This year UM has also extended the summer payment deadline to Sunday, July 14. Students who fill out the Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) by June 30 and summer aid application could be eligible for summer financial aid, work-study or a Pell Grant.

Registration for summer session is open now. For more information visit, call Gardner at 406-243-4420 or email


Contact: Grace Gardner, director of UM Summer Programs, 406-243-4420,