UM Students Earn Degrees

February 16, 2017

MISSOULA – The University of Montana had 941 students who were degree candidates for fall semester 2016. The Montana students listed below are UM degree candidates or have been awarded their degrees for fall semester 2016.

A single asterisk after the student’s name indicates the student is expected to complete degree requirements and graduate with honors by achieving a GPA of 3.4 or higher. Double asterisks indicate the student is expected to complete degree requirements and graduate with high honors by achieving a 3.7 GPA or higher.

Official awarding of a degree and any official graduation with honors or graduation with high honors designation is not made until degree candidates have completed their final term of enrollment and have met all specific requirements.

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Clarissa Gunn, AA: History                                                                              



Dana Anderson, AS: Registered Nursing*

Ashley Flachmeyer, BAE: Education*

Anthony Orrino, AAS: Respiratory Care

Marcus Proxell, BSBAD: Accounting


Jeffrey Daniel, CERT: Recreational Power Equipment

Kathleen Whetzel, MPA: Public Administration


Addie Kreikemeier, CERPB: Public Health*                             


Stephanie Back, BS: Biology

BIG ARM:                                                                      

James Bible, MBA: Business Administration                                                                              


BIG SANDY:                                                                    

Justin Stevens, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance* 


Angela Gross, MS: Computer Science

Emily Smith, CERPS and BA: Anthropology


Brian Adkins, MBA: Business Administration-Exter

Colin Angland, BSBAD: Marketing

Ryan Burke, BSBAD: Accounting

Morgan Covington, BSBAD: Management

Karissa Frye, BAJ: Journalism

Brady Gustafson, BSBAD: Accounting

April Hoell, JD: Law

Hayley Lose, BSBAD: Management Information Systems

Bradley Lozoski, BA and CERPS: Sociology

Kylie Mainey, BA: Media Arts

Amber McDermott, PHD: Psychology

Stephanie McDonald, BA: Communication Sciences and Disorders*

Justin Price, MPH: Public Health

James Rahr, BSBAD: Marketing

John Schmaing, BA: Sociology

Brandon Smith, BSBAD: Marketing


Robert O'Boyle, MA: Anthropology

Lauren Towsley, BA: English



Theresa Gadaire, BA: History


BOX ELDER:                                                                     

Amanda Belcourt, BA and CERPS: Anthropology



Teresa Haas, BAJ: Journalism

Dwain Henderson, MBA: Business Administration-Exter

Madison Henning, BS: Biology*

Price Klaas, MPA: Public Administration

Kenneth Rand, MA: Journalism

Hannah Stiff, MPA: no major

Amanda Tebay, MBA: Business Administration-Exter


Iva Croff, MIS: Interdisciplinary Studies

Aleah Oldmouse, AAS: Practical Nursing*


Areej Alnafea, MA: Counselor Education


Courtney Little Axe, CERPS: Anthropology


Courtney Cashell, BA: Art

BreAnna Filius, BS: Biology

Tami Hoar, BA: Communication Studies*

Margie Judd, MA: English

Matthew Mulcaire-Jones, BS: Biology

Annie Ossello, BA: Communication Studies

Paige Plattner, CERPS: Anthropology*

Jonathan Quinn, BA: Political Science

Shannon Sullivan, BSBAD: Accounting


Joshua Marceau, PHD: Biomedical Sciences

Susan Petersen, MA: Teaching Middle School Math

Chance Rosenbaum, AA: Computed Tomography *


Sadie Brown, BSBAD: Marketing


Ailene Camacho, BAJ: Journalism

Amanda Dahlquist, BSBAD: Accounting

Stan McLaren, AAS: Respiratory Care

Jenny Rammell, MED: Education Leadership

Melissa Saxbury, MA: Fine Arts

Wendy Swanson, MED: Curriculum & Instruction

CLYDE PARK:                                                                    

Kristy McInerney, BSBAD: Management*

COLUMBIA FALLS:                                                                

Emily Church, BA: History**

Kiersten Hubbard, AAS: Practical Nursing*

Parker Johnson, BSBAD: Marketing**

Natalie Law, BME: Music**

Bobbi Ruffatto, JD: Law

Aaron Shay, BSF: Forestry*


Chloe Russell, BA: Media Arts**

Mikaela Koski, BA Political Science**


Aubrey Allsop, AS: Registered Nursing**

Tyler Boshae, AA: General Education

Kellin Devine, AA and CERPS: Anthropology*

Justin Dixon, BA: Biology

Taylor Gerber, AA: General Education

Brooke Heckeroth, BAE: Education*

Jason Liechty, AA: General Education *

Sky Nye, AS: Registered Nursing*

Megin Pelkey, BAE: Education**

Seth Pelkey, BSRC: Resource Conservation

Max Wise, CERT: Welding Technology

Sarah Wright, AA: Business Administration

CUT BANK:                                                                     

Erika Karcher, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance*

Brittany Peterson, MS: Chemistry


Sheehan Flanagan, BS: Parks, Tourism and Recreation Management


DEER LODGE:                                                                   

Kellie Despain, AAS: Practical Nursing**

Jami Fjermestad, BSBAD: Finance

Cassandra Jolly, AAS: Respiratory Care*


Christopher Brown, MA: Political Science

Timber McQuiston, BA: Social Work*                                                                              



Rhiannon Liberty, BA: Anthropology                                        

EAST HELENA:                                                                  

Hunter VanDonsel, BSWB: Wildlife Biology                                                                             



Katharine White, MA: Anthropology


Ryan McNally, BSBAD: Management Information Systems


Renee Hansen, BAE: Education


Cameron Prinzing, MPA: Public Administration                                  


Michael Calvert, BA: Sociology

Nicole Falcon, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance*

Nichole Hatfield, AA: Pre-Education

Robbi Leibenguth, AA: Pre-Radiologic Technology

Alexander McDowell, BA & BME: Music*

Mariah Richtmyer, CERPS and BSBAD: Marketing

Sean Warner, AA and CERTAS: Environmental Studies

Diana Yang, CERT: Pre-Communication Studies



Tell Bailey, AAS: Information Technology*

Molly Fay, MED: Curriculum & Instruction

Dylan Klapmeier, MPA: Public Administration

FORT BENTON:                                                                   

Maren Engen, BAE: Education



Brady Baughman, BA: French**

Courtney Cheramie, BS: Biology

Jessica Wilsey, MED: Curriculum & Instruction


Shay Scribner, AS: Registered Nursing*


Peter Breigenzer, BA: Biology**

GRASS RANGE:                                                                     

Senae Nielsen, BA: Psychology*

GREAT FALLS:                                                                  

Sarah Carpenter, BME: Music*

Noah Clark, BA: Philosophy

Nathaniel Cox, MA: English

Daniel Fagenstrom, BA: Media Arts

Michael Graham, BA: Psychology

Marias Hale, BA: History

Kathleen Hodges, BA: History**

Jessica Keller, AA: Health & Human Performance*

Gavin Lawson, BS: Chemistry

Bruce Mountan, BS: Biology*

Jamie Pauley, BA: Psychology*

Yasmine Ryan, BA: Psychology

Patrick Tremper, BA: Mathematics

James Verzuh, BA and CERPS: Anthropology*


Kara Adolphson, BA: Psychology

Julia Battisti, BS: Biology**

Heather Bergerson, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance*

Kelley Fowler, AA: Undeclared

Paul Gabriel, CERT: Welding Technology

Brian Greco, AA: General Education

Nathaniel Hagen, CERT: Information Technology

Taylor Kelm, AA: Health & Human Performance**

Bailey Mcwhorter, AA: Pre-Radiologic Technology

Danielle Mondloch, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance**

Jessica Nearpass, BA: English

Megan Nelson, BA: Social Work

Luka Simatovic, CERT: Welding Technology

Keith Stamper, CERT: Welding Technology

Lyndsay Stover, MA: Anthropology

Rachel Summers, MA: Anthropology

Evan Wilkinson, BA: Communication Studies

Joseph Williams, BA: Sociology


Kathryn Spencer, BAE: Education


Amy Stiffarm, MPH: Public Health


Kassidi Heinle, BAE: Education*                                                                             



Tim Brurud, MPA

Tyler Cook, BA: Psychology

Karlee Gebhardt, CERPS and BSBAD: Management

Andrew Kafka, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance**

Amber Spraker, BA: Psychology**


Jessica Baird, BA: Anthropology

Edward Black, MBA: Business Administration-Exter

Kelly Burningham, MPH: Public Health

Candice Cleasby, BSBAD: Management

Jennifer Daly, AS: Registered Nursing

Taylor Davison, BA: Classics*

Mathew Deaton, BSECLR: Ecological Restoration

Joseph Hamilton, MPA: Public Administration

Katie Kinney, BA and BSM: Biology**

Diana Nettleton, BA: History

Marisa O'Sullivan, JD: Law

Daniel Smith, BAE and BME: Music**

Katie Spalinger, MED: Curriculum & Instruction

Cassie Warren, BSBAD: Marketing

Taylor Westfall, BA: Sociology


Kellie Jo Settera, BME: Music**                                                                               



Shelby Lipp, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance*                                                                    



Dawson Auck, BSBAD and CERPS: Management


HOT SPRINGS:                                                                  

Rachel Cremer, MA: Fine Arts


Daniel Keenan, BA: Psychology*

Jessica Sisson, AA: Business Administration


Mandi Hernandez, EDS: Counselor Education


Colin Baker, BAE: Education

Leah Bianchi, AA: Undeclared

Noah Bodenhamer, AA: Undeclared

Jodie Buechel, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance

Abretia Crandell, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance**

Alyssa Dillon, BAJ: Journalism

Elaine Fraticelli, BFA: Art*

Andrew Gregory, BA: English

Lauren Gunderson, BA: Psychology

Rachel Hanko, MED: Curriculum & Instruction

Rachel Just, BA: Sociology**

Kala Knaus, BA: Social Work

Melissa Perrone, BA: Communication Studies

Benjamin Sansaver, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance

Jenny Vickhammer, MED: Curriculum & Instruction


Tayla Schanz, AA: Undeclared                                                                               



Tana Wilson, BAJ and BSRM: Journalism


Jessica Ewing, BA: Japanese


Emelia De Boer, BS: Biology*

Nicholas Ormsby, BSBAD: Finance



Michelle Asby, BAE: Education

Phillip Beich, CERT: Computer Support Specialist

Shayna Brewer, BA: Mathematics

Sarah Chalmers, BA: Psychology

Elizabeth Cowan, BA: English

Michael Dahl, AS: Registered Nursing*

Jacob DuBose, AS: Registered Nursing*

Rachel Kosch, BA: English

Hans Lange, BSBAD: Finance

Jennifer Nogle, BAE: Education

MaryClare Weiler, CERPS and BSBAD: Management


Kelsy Payne, BAE: Education

Keeley Van Middendorp, BAJ: Journalism


Caitlyn Aakre, BAE: Education**

Anne Adams, MED: Curriculum & Instruction

Derek Alford, BSRC: Resource Conservation*

Jason Allen, BA: Psychology*

Mohamed Alsadik, CERT: Administrative Management

Julie Ammons, BA: Russian**

Randi Ammons, AAS: Business Administration**

Chandra Anderson, BSWB: Wildlife Biology**

Samantha Anderson, CERT: Media Arts*

Christina Andress, BS: Chemistry

Jonathan Andrews, PHD: Neuroscience

Jeremy Aplin, CERT: Information Technology*

Maya Apryle-Bushman, AA: Political Science

Matthew Austin, BA and BSBAD: Finance**

Derek Azure, BA: Native American Studies

Cerina Azure-Kjorstad, BA: Anthropology

Miryam Baied, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance**

Matthew Basile, BSWB: Wildlife Biology*

Michael Beadle, BSBAD: Management

Sarah Beccari, BSBAD: Management Information Systems

Laura Becerra, PHD: Forestry

Tara Beckman, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance

William Behunin, AA and CERT: Information Technology

Cody Beierle, MED: Curriculum & Instruction

Martin Belden, BSECLR: Ecological Restoration

Astrea Benesh, BA: History*

Ellecia Bilyeu, BS: Biology

Gina Bird, AAS: Medical Information Technology

Brittany Birdsbill, BA: Psychology

Jacob Bohrer, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance**

Cody Bomberger, MS: Geology

Christian Boyce, MA: Sociology

Tiffany Brander, BA: Communication Studies**

Alex Braun, BS: Geosciences

Kristen Braun, BAE: Education*

Kayla Brewer, BA: Psychology

Danielle Brewer, AAS: Geosciences

John Bromley, BA: History

Mistee Brown, AA: Health & Human Performance

Shelley Brown, BAE: Education

Maura Budge, BSBAD: Finance

Jacquelyn Burgstrom, SSP: School Psychology

Christina Burns, AS: Registered Nursing

Stephani Buzar, AAS: Practical Nursing

Laura Caplins, PHD: Forestry

Kasey Carter, BSRM: Parks

Christopher Casas, BS: Geology

Maille Cavalier, BA: Communication Studies

Dylan Chouinard-Peck, BA: Geography

Dean Christian, AAS: Practical Nursing

Austin Clark, BS: Biology

Larry Clawson, AA: Geography

Kaylee Clugston, BA: Social Work**

Nichole Cohen, BA: English

Aaron Collette, BA: Psychology*

Ona Congdon, BA: Communication Studies

Brian Connelly, MED: Curriculum & Instruction

Brian Connelly, BA: Physics*

Benton Corwin, BA: Art

Jacob Courtney, BA: English**

Collette Crisamore, BA: Psychology

Jack Crocifisso, AS: Registered Nursing*

Elin Crockett, BSWB: Wildlife Biology**

Laura Dameron, BSMT, BA and BSM: Biology

Elizabeth Dempsey, BA: Communication Studies

Brianna Denman, BA: English**

Destiny DeRoche, BA: Social Work

Steven DeYoung, BAE: Education*

Nataliya Dick, MED: Curriculum & Instruction

Norman Dick IV, MED: Curriculum & Instruction

Taylor Dockter, BA: Communication Studies

Keith Dorris, BSBAD: Management

Sean Doty, AAS and CERTAS: Energy Technology

Alex Dotz, BA: English

Jacob Downs, MA: Mathematics

Christy Dubois, AAS: Practical Nursing**

John Duffy, BA: Communication Studies*

Aura Dumas-Griffith, BA: Art

Cristal Dyer, BA: History-Political Science

Kristen Egan, MED: Curriculum & Instruction

Jonnie Egeland, MSW: Social Work

Morgan Eichwald, MS: Environmental Studies

Markie Eide, AA: General Education

Emma Eskil, BAE: Education*

Connor Fallon, BA: History-Political Science

Miranda Felde, BSRM: Parks

Trevor Fero, BSRM: Recreation Management

Hannah Fields, BA: Psychology

Joanna Fischer, BA: Environmental Studies

Kayla Flegel, AA: Pre-Nursing - MC**

Louis Fleming, MS: Forestry

Rebecca Frost, BSBAD: Accounting

Kylie Furber, AA: Pre-Surgical Technology

Cayla Gaddis, BA: English

Allison Galvin, MA: Counselor Education

Angel Garcia, BA: Psychology

Bryan Garneau, BA: Environmental Studies

Jennifer Garrett, BA: Social Work*

Rita Garvin, MED: Curriculum & Instruction

William George, BSECLR: Ecological Restoration

Micah Germany, BAE: Education

Erin Gillett, BA: Anthropology

Rachel Gilpin, CERT and AAS: Administrative Management**

Rebecca Goe, MPH: Public Health

Melanie Goeddel, BA: English**

Hayley Goodin, AA: Media Arts

Chantal Graham, BSHHP and MAT: Athletic Training

Kirsten Green, PHD: Anthropology

Claire Grisham, BSRC: Resource Conservation

Sarah Grobel, BA: Sociology

Brandon Gruver, MS: Health & Human Performance

Anna Guay, MA: Economics

Bridget Guildner, MS: Systems Ecology

Courtney Guisti, BAE: Education

Sheryl Gunn, MS: Forestry

Kevin Hager, BA: Environmental Studies

Michael Hansen, MA: Art

Christopher Hanson, MA: Anthropology

Peter Hanson, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance*

Theo Hanson, BA: Psychology**

Amanda Happney, BAE: Education*

Scott Hauer, AAS: Welding Technology*

Ry Hayler, BA: Biology

Robert Hegstrom, BA: Mathematics

Sara Henning, AAS: Administrative Management

Chase Hoffmann, BA: Physics

Tatum Holland, BA: Communication Studies

Eric Homec, BSBAD: Management Information Systems

Hannah Hopkins, BFA: Media Arts*

Robert Hopp, BA: Sociology*

Travis Horrell, AAS: Information Technology

Nathan Hovsepian, BA: Communication Studies

Leland Hubbard, BA: Psychology

Abigail Huseth, MS: Environmental Studies

Rachel Hutchins, BS: Biology**

Ambrosia Isely, BA: Psychology

Robert Jacobsen, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance*

Rachael Jacobson, AS: Registered Nursing*

Christopher Jambor, BSBAD: Marketing**

James Janes, BA: Environmental Studies

Gabriel Jaszczak, BSBAD: Management Information Systems

Joshua Johnson, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance

Tressa Jones, MFA: Art

Zachary Jones, BSRC: Resource Conservation

Kara Joyce, BA: English

Sierra Kanistanaux, BA: English*

Brett Kassner, CERPS: Mathematics*

Lori Kelley, BAE: Education*

Maxwell Kelly, BA: Communication Studies

Winifred Kessler, MA: Anthropology

Robert Bryan King, BSBAD: Management

Madison Knight, BSBAD: Management Information Systems*

Jeremiah Kose, BA: Psychology

Kaitlyn Kostelecky, CERT: in Radiological Technology **

Monique Krebsbach, DPT: Physical Therapy

Alexandra Kuennen, BA: Environmental Studies

Andrea Kulawinski, AAS: Practical Nursing

Jessica Kumm, MA: Psychology

Tyson Kuntz, MA: Sociology

Jay Kurtz, AAS: Respiratory Care

Melissa Lafontaine, MS: Environmental Studies

Leslie Lahti, AAS: Accounting

Andrew Langemeier, BSBAD and CERPS: Management

David Lau, MS: Environmental Studies

Frederick Lauer, MS: Systems Ecology

Lauren Lawry, BA: Social Work

Declan Lawson, BAJ: Journalism

Yolanda LeDuc, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance

David Leiby, CERTAS: Energy Technology

Charlotte Leung, BME: Music**

Kelsey Lewers, BSBAD: Management

Breanna Lincoln, BAE: Education*

Andie Linsted, AA: General Education

Yahui Liu, BSBAD: Finance*

Ryan Long, BA: Psychology*

Reid Longley, BS: Health & Human Performance*

Sophie Longo, BSBAD: Management

Nicole Lopez, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance

Jace Lyons, BSBAD: Management Information Systems

Eileen MacGairdener, AA: General Education

Hillary Maes, BA: English

Marisa Mancillas, BSECLR: Ecological Restoration

Rebecca Martin, AS: Registered Nursing**

Jakob Mauer, BSWB: Wildlife Biology

Jessica Mayrer, MPA: Public Administration

Mary McCarvel, BA: Psychology**

Christina McClung, AS: Registered Nursing*

Christian McDuffie, BSBAD: Marketing

Nolan McGarvey, AA: Business Administration

Christine McGrath, AAS: Practical Nursing**

Taylor McKee, BSWB: Wildlife Biology

Ashton McMullan, BA: Social Work**

Quentin Means, MS: Environmental Studies

Aaron Meyers, AA: Computer Science

Erin Michalak, BA: Anthropology**

Sergej Michaud, BA and CERPS: Geography**

Nicole Mickelson, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance

Andrea Miller, MIS: Interdisciplinary Studies

Hali Miller, BAE: Education**

Jennifer Mills, BFA: Media Arts**

Elliot Moore, MA: Sociology

Stephanie Morrison, BA: Sociology*

Robina Moyer, MS and CERPS: Environmental Studies

Robert Nagel, BA: Political Science-History**

John Narron, BA: History

Diane Navarro, AAS and CERT: Medical Information Technology

Kayla Nelson, BSMT and BSM: Medical Technology

Nathan Nigh, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance

Rebecca Nordhagen, MED: Curriculum & Instruction

Sarah Nowell, MA: Anthropology

Maggie O'Brien, BS: Geography

Caitlin O'Connor, BSMT: Medical Technology

Edward O'Donnell, MS: Forestry

Cole O'Donnell, BA: Anthropology

Madison Olson, BA: English

Peter O'Neil, BA: Communication Studies

Jessa Ouellette, BSWB: Wildlife Biology

Patricia Pardee, AS: Registered Nursing

Gilia Patterson, BA: Biology**

Ryan Alexander Payne, JD: Business Administration

Zachary Peevey, BSBAD: Management

Robert Peltier, MA: Anthropology

Daniel Pendergraph, BSRC: Resource Conservation

Chad Penn, BA: History

Catherine Pennell, BM and BA: Music*

Sara Peraino, BA: Communication Studies

Matthew Peterson, JD: Law

Jesse Pfau, BA: Central & Southwest Asian Studies

Robert Pohle, BA: Sociology**

Timothy Polacheck, PHARMD: Pharmacy

Devin Popper, BA: Communication Studies

Evan Porter, BSRC: Resource Conservation

Brian Powell, MA: Communication Studies

Holly Price, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance

Nick Pruttis, BSBAD: Management Information Systems

Rolin Pruyn, CERPB: Public Health

Rachelle Pryor, BA: Social Work

Stacy Pyette, AAS: Practical Nursing

Sarah Qasem Muthna, MACCT: Accounting

Kathryn Racicot, MED: Curriculum & Instruction

Jeremy Ranger, CERT: Computer Aided Design*

Elizabeth Redinger, MS: Health & Human Performance

Darice Reinhardt, BA: English*

Megan Richardson, MA: Anthropology

Jacki Richardson, BA: Psychology

Jonathan Rodgers, BSBAD: Management

Veronica Rodondi, BA: Communication Studies

Elizabeth Rolle, MPH: Public Health

Angela Romero, BA: Communication Studies**

Melissa Roseleip, AA: Biology

Eric Rowell, PHD: Forestry

Jared Rufus, CERT: Heavy Equipment Operation**

Jeonghwa Ryoo, BA: Political Science

Ayechan San, BS: Computer Science

Katrina Scharenberg, AAS: Medical Information Technology

Taylor Schiltz, BA: Environmental Studies**

Andrew Schmitz, BA: Sociology**

Bridget Schultz, AA: Pre-Nursing - MC

Ashley Schwartzman, BA: Sociology

Emily Scott, AAS: Practical Nursing*

Samuel Scott, BSF: Forestry*

Samantha Senne, CERT: Radiologic Technology**

Nicole Serba, AA: Computer Science*

Nicholas Shankle, MA: Anthropology

Jennafer Shaw, BAE: Education**

Dillon Shea, BS: Parks, Tourism and Recreation Management

Zachary Shindorf, MA: Psychology

Chelsea Shull, BSBAD: Management

Samuel Simpson, BS: Parks, Tourism and Recreation Management

Rebecca Singleton, BS: Chemistry

Benjamin Sivertsen, MED: Curriculum & Instruction

Ellen Sliwinski, BSBAD and CERPS: Management Information Systems

Rachel Smith, MS: Forestry

Brianna Smith, BA: Social Work*

Bridget Smith, MBA: Business Administration

Joseph Smith, PHD: Fish and Wildlife Biology

Linnea Stanhope, MPH: Public Health

Terra Stansberry, BSBAD: Accounting

Jeffrey Stetz, PHD: Fish and Wildlife Biology

Shari Stratton, BA: Psychology

Nicholas Strom, BA: Environmental Studies

Bobbie Summers, AS: Registered Nursing

Ruth Swaney, PHD: Forestry

David Tarullo, MFA: Art

Sonnie Rae Tate, AAS: Medical Information Technology

Ronald Thebeau, BSBAD: Marketing

William Thelen, BA: Environmental Studies*

Jerry Thigpen, BSBAD: Management Information Systems*

Kendra Thisselle, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance

Curtis Thomas, AA: Pre-Radiologic Technology

Mark Thompson, BA: History

Jacob Thurman, BS: Parks, Tourism and Recreation Management

Read Trammel, MFA: Creative Writing

Danielle Tribble, BA: Political Science

Jon Trotter, BAE: Education*

Lillia Troyer, BA: Biology

Miva VanEngen, JD: Law

Kira Vercruyssen, BAJ: Journalism

Lavette Wake, AAS: Practical Nursing

Joseph Walikonis, AA: Pre-Nursing

Laura Walker, BA: Art

Mark Waller, BA: Geography

Jennifer Watts, PHD: Systems Ecology

Matthew Weaver, PHD: Medicinal Chemistry

Adam Weed, BA: Communication Studies

Cortney Wells, BA: Communication Studies

Jenae White, BSBAD: Accounting*

Nicholas Whiting, MA: Anthropology

Leighton Wieglenda, MA: Anthropology

April Wilbur, BA: English

Ian Wilder, BA: Environmental Studies

Sara Williams, PHD: Fish and Wildlife Biology

Elizabeth Williams, AA: General Education

Keatan Williams, JD: Law

Kelsey Williams, BS: Parks, Tourism and Recreation Management**

Jessica Wing, BAE: Education

Sarah Winn, AA: Undeclared

Emily Winter, BS: Biology

Krystle Winters, BS: Parks, Tourism and Recreation Management

Kendra Wisherd, BA: Social Work

Lois Woldstad, BAE: Education

Kaitlynn Wood, AS: Registered Nursing*

Kayleen Woodin, CERPS and BSBAD: Marketing

Kevin Wooley, AAS and CERT: Business Administration

Nicole Wright, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance**

Jessica Youngs, BA: Social Work

Qiuyang Zhao, BSBAD: Management

Kate Zoellner, MED: Curriculum & Instruction


Rachael Bierer, AS: Registered Nursing**

Sherry Clarke, AA: General Education *

Johnathan Watt, MBA: Business Administration


Elena Cornwell, AS: Registered Nursing*

Glenda Privett, AAS: Respiratory Care


Zebah Burdeau, BSHHP: Health & Human Performance

Danielle Howlett, MA: Political Science

Nathan Noble, BA: Media Arts**

Lindsey Rogers, AAS: Diesel Technology

POMPEYS PILLAR:                                                                       

Brandley Peabody, BSBAD and CERPS: Marketing



Georgia Shultz, BA: Communication Studies*                                             


Morgan Andres, BAE: Education*

Westyn Kiehn, BA: Political Science

Grant Myhre, AAS: Pre-Engineering

Jill Raad-Couture, MS: Speech Language Pathology

SEELEY LAKE:                                                                   

Kayla Johnson, AAS: Management

Lisa Morgan, BA: Biology**

Clint Tyler, BA: French*


John Brisben, CERT: Radiologic Technology

Kelsey Halvorson, BA: Psychology**

Shane Monsen, BSBAD: Marketing

ST. IGNATIUS:                                                                      

Avery Old Coyote, BSRC: Resource Conservation

Jennifer Killorn, AAS: Respiratory Care

Sabina Sabyrkulova, CERPS and BA: Psychology

Paula Specht, MA: Anthropology


Shaun Barnes, BA: Sociology

Sarah Bush, CERT: Administrative Management

Caryn Foehringer, BAJ: Journalism*

Lucas Jones, PHD: Systems Ecology

Thomas Kester, CERTEC: Information Technology

Tim Kolberg, AA: Applied Science

Brittany McLaughlin, AS: Registered Nursing*

Shelby Murphy, BAE: Education**

Jacob Noonan, BA: Sociology*

Jessica Parks, BSBAD: Management

Alysia Plascencia, AAS: Information Technology

Philip Williams, CERPS: Forestry**

Jennifer Wright, BFA: Art*


Cary Chamberlain, BSHHP and BA: Health & Human Performance*

THREE FORKS:                                                                  

Meredith Berthelson, PHD: Individual Interdisciplinary

TROUT CREEK:                                                                  

Jason Krick, BA: Psychology


Jeremy Akin, BSF: Forestry*


Meghan Bowers, AAS: Practical Nursing*

Hannah Brower, BFA: Media Arts**

Heidi Brower, BME: Music**

Vangelin Burnett, AA: Sociology*

Corey Deering, AAS: Welding Technology

Shane Hadley, CERT: Welding Technology**

Natalie Johnson, MED: Curriculum & Instruction

Stacey Marks, BA: Environmental Studies

Craig Norton, AA: General Education

Richard Reed, AA: General Education

Megan Winderl, JD: Law



Troy Case, BFA: Art*

Clifford Clark, BS: Geosciences*

Leslie Jones, PHD: Systems Ecology

Elizabeth Riopel, MBA: Business Administration

Lindsey Schwickert, MBA: Business Administration


Koryn Haight, BA: Psychology*

WOLF POINT:                                                                   

Rebecca Grubbs, CERT: Pharmacy Technology

Sara Harada, BSBAD: Marketing

Alyssa Hoversland, BA: Psychology**                                                                              


Contact: UM Registrar’s Office, 406-243-2995, .