KBGA College Radio Announces Annual Radiothon Fundraiser

February 16, 2017

MISSOULA – KBGA College Radio 89.9 FM will host its annual signature fundraiser, Radiothon, the week of Feb. 26 through March 4, with its highest fundraising goal ever – $25,000.

“With the revamps to the station we’ve made this year, we decided to put on the biggest Radiothon yet – which needed an equally big goal,” said General Manager Christian Mu. “With the funds raised from the support of the community, we plan on upgrading and repairing our studio equipment, maintaining student jobs in light of enrollment decline and upping the ante of our parties and shows.”     

For this new evolution of Radiothon, KBGA chose the monolith from “2001: A Space Odyssey” as the symbol. In the “Space Odyssey” universe, monoliths represent an ancient technological marvel that marked milestones in the evolution of humanity, from primitive to modern to futuristic. At KBGA, the Radiothon monolith represents the station’s complete ascent into 21st century radio and beyond.

Donors can contribute to Radiothon in exchange for premiums, such as KBGA merchandise or discounted gift cards to local businesses. They also can participate in daily challenges when donating, as well as unique specials and sales with each radio program.

To donate during the weeklong event, visit http://www.kbga.org/donate or call 406-243-KBGA, ext. 5242.

The Radiothon schedule follows:

Sunday, Feb. 26

  • All Nighter Challenge: For every $100 raised, one DJ will have to work an extra hour, between 2 and 8 a.m., each day of the week until the Radiothon is over.

Monday, Feb. 27

  • Polar Plunge Challenge: At each threshold for daily funds raised, an additional KBGA staff member will jump in the frozen Clark Fork River the following day.

Tuesday, Feb. 28

  • Tattoo Challenge: Every donor can submit a random tattoo idea of their choosing that one of four staff members will draw at random and get tattooed the following day.

Wednesday, March 1

  • Food Challenges: Blender Challenge – Select gross ingredients to be added to a blender; Pancake Challenge – Every $50 adds another pancake to the stack; Spicy Challenge – Every $200 adds a shot of hotter sauce, and $1,000 raised will culminate with Arthur Wayne’s Carolina Reaper hot sauce.

Thursday, March 2

  • Horror Games Challenge: For every $250 raised, video game newcomers will stream increasingly terrifying games, from “Proteus” to “Bioshock” to “Layers of Fear” to “P.T.” to “Alien VR.”  

Friday, March 3

  • KBGA Prime Delivery: All donors will receive their KBGA merchandise or premiums that day. Long gone are the days of waiting for donation incentives.

Saturday, March 4

  • Smash for the Station: KBGA will sponsor a “Super Smash Bros. Melee” and “SSB 4” tournament in the UC Commons. Organized and hosted by the UM Smash Club.

KBGA’s fundraising week will culminate at The Palace Lounge with EndOfThon, a party boasting some of Missoula’s favorite local acts. EndOfThon begins at 8 p.m. Saturday, March 4, and is a thank-you to the community for their year-round support. Gonzo Missoula superstars Rooster Sauce​ will kick off the night, followed by local ski-surf legends, the Skurfs​, and Shakewell​ will shake it up with funky neo-soul rhythms. The 2016 Best of Missoula’s “Best New Band” winner, Glass Spiders​, will finish off the night with their wholly unauthorized David Bowie tribute show. Tickets for EndOfThon are $6 presale and $8 at the door, and the event is for 18 years and older.

KBGA College Radio 89.9 is a community-led, student-run alternative radio station. Volunteer DJs provide quality, local programming representative of the diverse tastes and perspectives within the Missoula Valley. The station currently boasts about 60 different weekly shows that range from talk shows about skiing to live in-studio performances to the widely syndicated independent news program “Democracy Now!”

For more information on Radiothon, donating, ticketing for EndOfThon or scheduling an interview, call Ava Pepprock, KBGA promotions director, at 406-241-8172​ or email promotions@kbga.org

Contact: Ava Pepprock, KBGA promotions director, 406-241-8172, promotions@kgba.org.