UM’s Montana Business Quarterly Examines Montana News Consumption, Gender Gap

July 19, 2017

MISSOULA – The University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research reports on how Montanans get their news in one of the feature stories in the latest edition of Montana Business Quarterly.

“As you might expect, younger people tend to use the internet more for news, while older generations fall back on traditional print and broadcast outlets,” said John Baldridge, BBER project manager. “But, that is changing too.

“Many Montanans do tend to live in an internet news echo chamber,” he said. “Not only viewing stories from sources they agree with, but sharing content with like-minded friends.”

These results can be found in Baldrige’s feature article in the magazine’s summer issue, online at

The Montana Business Quarterly also contains a research article written by BBER Senior Researcher Daphne Herling titled “Montana’s Gender Pay Gap,” in which Herling examines the earnings differences between men and women in Montana.

“Every state in the nation has an earnings gap, but Montana ranks near the bottom at 46th in the nation,” Herling said. Herling’s thorough analysis of the issue, including nonworkplace issues, provides the reader with an understanding of some of the causes for the wage gap. It concludes there may be an opportunity to even the playing field if women can access training to develop the skills employers seek despite Montana’s low unemployment rate and the fact that the state’s labor force is not keeping up with demand.

In the summer 2017 issue of the Montana Business Quarterly also contains articles on trending topics such as Missoula’s affordable housing crisis and barriers to entrepreneurship for women.

Established in 1948, BBER is the main research unit of UM’s School of Business Administration. It informs Montanans about the economic climate in which they live and work. In addition to conducting its Economic Outlook Seminars across the state each year, BBER researchers engage in a wide range of applied research projects that address different aspects of the state economy, including survey research, economic analysis, health care research, forecasting, wood products research and energy research. It has published the Montana Business Quarterly since 1949.

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Contact: Scott Hawk, publications director, UM Bureau of Business and Economic Research, 406-243-5113,