UM Health Center Launches Student Wellness Advocate Program

September 05, 2017

MISSOULA – Curry Health Center Wellness at the University of Montana has kicked off a new Student Wellness Advocate program.

The program highlights and recognizes employees at UM who support student success and wellbeing. Employees nominated by students are recognized with a certificate and door sticker letting others know they are a part of the Student Wellness Advocate program.

In fall 2016, Amy Thompson, a community health graduate student and graduate assistant in the Wellness Department, conducted research about student wellness on campus.  Her project was inspired by research done at Simon Fraser University in Canada that explored how learning environments contribute to student wellbeing and positive academic outcomes.

“We learned through this research just how important the learning environment is to student wellbeing,” said Julee Stearns, a UM health promotion specialist. “There are so many supportive people at UM, and we wanted to recognize and celebrate them. It’s clear that their work has a direct and positive impact on student success.”

In direct response to this graduate research project, the Student Wellness Advocate program launched with a goal of highlighting UM employees who support and encourage a healthy learning environment.

“Promoting campus wellness is a shared responsibility of everyone on this campus,” said Linda Green, Curry Health Center’s wellness director. “We actively promote programming that empowers students to lead balanced and healthy lives. The Student Wellness Advocate program supports those goals as outlined in the University’s Strategic Vision.”

Students are encouraged to continue nominating University employees who they believe encourage and enhance student wellbeing on campus online at

For more information on the Student Wellness Advocate program, call Curry Health Center Wellness at 406-243-2809 or email


Contact: Jessica Vizzutti, Curry Health Center media specialist, 406-243-6958,