UM Campus Recreation Revives Intramural Dodgeball League

September 27, 2017

MISSOULA – Campus Recreation Intramural Sports at the University of Montana is bringing back dodgeball this fall. It was last offered in 2015. At its height in spring 2012, the league had 16 active teams. Intramural Sports decided to revive dodgeball because of a new staff member’s enthusiasm for the sport.

“It was my favorite intramural sport in college,” said Kristen Hoon, Intramural Sports and Youth Camps coordinator at Campus Recreation.

Men’s, women’s and co-recreational dodgeball league will begin the week of Oct. 9, and registration is due by 11 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 4. Sign up is available at

Intramural Sports student staff member Kyle Dyrud grew up playing dodgeball in elementary school and middle school, and says he’s excited to referee the league.

“Its biggest appeal is that it will bring back good childhood memories,” Dyrud said.

Plus, it has broad appeal due to the simplicity of the game.

“It’s something anyone can play,” Dyrud said. “If you can throw a ball, you can play dodgeball.”

For more information or to find an existing team to join, call Hoon at 406-243-5295 or email Learn more about UM’s intramural sports at


Contact: Andi Armstrong, assistant director of operations and marketing, UM Campus Recreation, 406-243-2806,