UM Programs Collaborate for Inaugural ‘Climate Art and Science Showcase’

December 12, 2017

MISSOULA – The University of Montana Dance Program, Climate Change Studies program and Davidson Honors College joined to celebrate students’ creative research on climate change on Saturday, Dec. 9, at the inauguralClimate Art and Science Showcase.”

Members of the campus and Missoula community were offered a rare chance to experience creative responses to the impacts of climate change. The event succeeded in its mission to bridge art and science through visual and performing arts.

The showcase featured climate change research from six students in diverse disciplines and majors, including dance, environmental studies, forestry, journalism, economics, math and creative writing.

UM’s Programs Collaborate for Inaugural ‘Climate Art and Science Showcase’Dance major Katie Conrad collaborated with environmental studies major Wendell Elliot to present original choreography inspired by coral reef bleaching. Forestry major Jayden Peterson performed his original musical composition illuminating the impact climate change presents for future generations.

Journalism major Daylen Turk presented a fictional audio drama documenting a journalist’s and climate scientist’s quest to discover the location and source of climate change. Economics and math major Matt Malloy designed and presented a podcast featuring individuals with opposing viewpoints attempting to engage in productive dialogue about climate change.

Creative writing major Grace Held presented original visual art propaganda demonstrating the diverse beliefs associated with climate change.

“Art making and storytelling provide students a way of knowing, defining and understanding the complexities of the world, such as climate change and the debates and science thereof,” said dance Professor Nicole Bradley Browning, who was Conrad’s mentor for the project. “Collaboration between diverse disciplines inspires students to engage in comprehensive creative research.”

 “We are committed to providing students opportunities to combine art and science in meaningful ways and are eager to cosponsor the next collaborative showcase,” said Nicky Phear, Climate Change Studies program director.

For more information call Bradley Browning at 406-529-3331 or email or call Phear at 406-243-6932 or email


Contact: Nicole Bradley Browning, UM professor of dance, 406-529-3331,; Nicky Phear, Climate Change Studies program director and instructor, 406-243-6932,