Montana Public Radio Concludes 2018 Spring Pledge Week

April 16, 2018

MISSOULA – Montana Public Radio ended its annual spring fundraiser with nearly $550,000 in listener pledges. Live music, listener challenges, hundreds of phone volunteers and special programs highlighted the week.

At midnight, the tally reached $549,560, concluding a nine-day event that raised nearly 83 percent of the $660,000 goal. There were a total of 3,968 listener pledges during the on-air fundraiser, which ran April 7-15.

“Thanks to all of our great listeners for making pledges and donations to Montana Public Radio,” said Ray Ekness, director of the University of Montana Broadcast Media Center. “While we didn’t get all the way to our goal, we know our listeners will continue to pledge their support – online and through the mail – over the next few weeks.”

The drive concluded with the popular “Pet Wars,” where dogs outnumbered cats 953 to 860. The pet competition also included many pledges for chickens, horses, goats, turkeys, hedgehogs and more.

Listeners donated thousands of gifts to entice listeners to donate to the station.

“We want to thank all of the folks who donated thank-you gifts and came in to answer the phones during our unique MTPR pledge drive,” Development Director Linda Talbott said.

“This week is our report card from our listeners,” said Michael Marsolek, MTPR programming director. “It’s a two-way conversation with our audience and a community event across the state.”

MTPR hopes to raise nearly $1.8 million – 75 percent of the total operating budget – from listeners, sponsors and events during its fundraising year.

Montana Public Radio is a public service of UM and broadcasts on 89.1 Missoula (KUFM), 91.5 Missoula city (K218AI), 91.9 Hamilton (KUFN), 89.5 Polson (KPJH), 90.1 Kalispell, Whitefish, North Valley (KUKL), 90.5 Libby (KUFL), 91.7 Kalispell, city (K219BN), 101.3 Swan Lake (K267BJ), 91.3 Butte (KAPC), 91.7 Helena (KUHM), 91.7 Dillon (K219DN) and 89.9 Great Falls (KGPR).

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Contact: Linda Talbott, MTPR development director, 406-243-4215,; Michael Marsolek, MTPR programming director, 406-243-4096,; Ray Ekness, Broadcast Media Center director and MTPR general manager, 406-243-4154,