Entertainment Management Course Places UM Students Inside Local Organizations

November 30, 2018

University of Montana students have been placed within companies and nonprofits in the community.

MISSOULA – A new partnership between local organizations and the University of Montana gave students in the Entertainment Management program firsthand business experience this semester.

In lieu of classroom lectures, students in the UM College of Business Principles of Entertainment Management course are completing internships with businesses and nonprofits in Missoula. It’s part of the experiential learning opportunities that UM is known for.

“It is a great example of being creative in finding authentic, meaningful, high-impact experiences for students,” UM Provost Jon Harbor said.

The course resulted in 30 internship placements that benefitted everyone involved.

“We worked hard to find companies and nonprofits in the Missoula community interested in having a UMEM student intern with them for the semester,” said Glenna Tawney, UMEM program coordinator. “On the first day of classes, 16 organizations pitched their internship to recruit the best candidates.”

In addition to the internships, online readings and posts guide students through management of entertainment products. Students complete coursework covering topics such as budgeting, contracts, marketing and promotion, social responsibility, touring and more. The custom-designed online course used music, theatre, books, film and sports segments of the entertainment industry to broaden students’ understanding.

“There are definite concepts and a body a knowledge our students need if they’re considering a career in entertainment,” said Mike Morelli, UMEM director and professor for the class. “Through online delivery and specific projects and activities, including the internships, we’ve been able to ensure students get the knowledge, readings and theories they need.”

Students and employers alike agree that the course has provided positive, real-world experience.

“The UMEM student interns were absolutely amazing, and I could not have pulled off the Monopoly Ball fundraiser without them,” said Kris Holmes, community development manager with the American Cancer Society. “Many of our volunteers are business owners in the community, and they were so impressed they have all offered to be professional references for the students.”


Contact: Mike Morelli, UM Entertainment Management director, 406-243-5810, mike.morelli@mso.umt.edu; Glenna Tawney, UM Entertainment Management program coordinator, 406-243-5695, glenna1.tawney@umontana.edu.