High School Students Win Honors at UM Model UN Conference

December 06, 2018

MISSOULA – High school students from around the region showcased their knowledge of international issues during the 53rd annual Montana Model United Nations Conference held recently at the University of Montana.

More than 300 high schoolers from 21 Montana and Idaho schools represented 110 UN countries at the conference. Debate topics ranged from cybersecurity and religious tolerance to climate migration and terrorism in the Horn of Africa.

Six schools received awards at the conference, with Outstanding School going toward the top 10 percent, Distinguished School for the top 20 percent and Honorable School for the top 30 percent. Participating schools, including the award winners, were:

  • Anaconda High School
  • Missoula’s Big Sky High School
  • Billings Senior High School
  • Bozeman High School
  • Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy, Large Delegation Distinguished School
  • Columbia Falls High School
  • Darby High School
  • Lewistown’s Fergus High School
  • Kalispell’s Flathead High School, Large Delegation Outstanding School
  • Kalispell’s Glacier High School
  • Great Falls High School, Small Delegation Honorable School
  • Hamilton Christian Academy, Small Delegation Distinguished School
  • Helena High School
  • Missoula’s Hellgate High School, Large Delegation Honorable School
  • Kalispell’s Heritage Learning, Small Delegation Outstanding School
  • Boulder’s Jefferson High School
  • Big Sky’s Lone Peak High School
  • Livingston’s Park High School
  • Ronan High School
  • Missoula’s Sentinel High School
  • Whitefish High School

Students from eight of the schools earned Top 25 Seniors awards, becoming eligible for scholarships to UM. The top schools and seniors from this year’s Model UN Conference are:

  • Big Sky High School: Madi Basile, representing Australia.
  • Coeur d’ Alene Charter Academy: Merrick Bonar, representing New Zealand; Karson Chrispens, representing New Zealand; Zachary DeLuca, representing Nigeria; Sam Johns, representing Micronesia; Ben Lambert, representing New Zealand; Dana Nicol, representing New Zealand; Nathan Ralston, representing South Korea; and Ben Zepeda, representing Bolivia.
  • Flathead High School: Annabelle Pukas, representing Jordan; Melissa Roybal, representing South Africa; and Amy Smith, representing Thailand.
  • Great Falls High School: Taylor Curry and Zach Schermele, representing Poland.
  • Hamilton Christian Academy: Dakoda Hankinson, representing the United States.
  • Hellgate High School: Somasundaran Arens, representing Finland; Aileen Beaton, representing Uganda; Hanna Huang, representing Canada; Konnor Johnston, representing Angola; Samuel Lund, representing Canada; Sophia Richter, representing Sweden; and Lucy Sirrs, representing Finland.
  • Heritage Learning: Elizabeth Buckner, representing China.
  • Sentinel High School: Madeline Braun, representing the United Kingdom, and Oliver Chinn, representing Afghanistan.

For their position papers, 26 students earned Honorable Position Papers (top 20 percent), 25 students earned Distinguished Position Papers (top 10 percent) and nine students won Outstanding Position Papers (top 1 to 2 percent).

For a full list of results, including position paper, delegate and country awards, visit http://hs.umt.edu/mun/hs-conference/awards-2018.php. View conference details in the Delegate Handbook at http://hs.umt.edu/mun/hs-conference/default.php.


Contact: Dr. Eva-Maria Maggi, adjunct professor, UM Department of Political Science, 406-243-5202, eva.maggi@umontana.edu.