Students in UM’s Pre-Law Program Earn 91% Acceptance Rate to Law School

November 18, 2019

UM News Service

MISSOULA – Students who participate in the University of Montana’s Pre-Law Program have a 91% acceptance rate to law school, a rate much higher than the national average.

Soazig Le Bihan, director of UM’s Pre-Law Program, advises a student in her office.UM’s Pre-Law Program is an advising option that provides students the chance to work closely with an advisor to ensure the student takes the courses needed to successfully apply to law school. These curricular choices also can help students succeed in law school and in the field. Currently, nearly 100 UM students from majors all across campus participate in the Pre-Law Program.

The acceptance rate to law school for UM students in the pre-law program has averaged 91% over the past six years. The national average acceptance rate to law school is around 75%.

“The Pre-Law Program at UM was created and developed with the goal of helping high-achieving students decide on whether a law career is the right fit for them, prepare for their application to law school during their undergraduate career, and be admitted to the law school that best fits their personal interests and goals,” said Soazig Le Bihan, program director. “It is always a pleasure and honor to bring our students’ potential to fruition.”


Contact: Soazig Le Bihan, director, UM Pre-Law Program, 406-243-6233,